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The Contents. CHAP. 3. Reafons tomouevs to relaand fight again(# our ene- mie the world. §T. Codcommanle vs to oppofeagainfi theworld. 18. § 2. Thefec nedrearm antallnfrom thepaion ofChro.19. § 3. The th;rdreafonta, nfromthe necrj iyfthisfight,feeins the f tondo oft':eworldareenemies to God. 19. § 4. VeilejJe ive renouncethe world, wearenot of thenumberof thefaithful!. 21. §5. Chri/ltan religion retluireth that we fbould renounce the world. 22. § 6. The way oftheworldis the tray ofjinn. 22 § y. We mslfight againfl theworld f'wewill be Chrills drfci- lr $8 We becomee,r.pcflatetifwe fight notagainfl theworld. 23. $ 9. Thefourth reafontakenfrom ourof.oredhope ofvif orie.24. § so. The lag reafontezkn fromourreward whichaccompanieth villorte. 25. § it. Howwearefaid to fight againfl the world, and toobtain voilerie. 25, CHAP. IIII. Oldiemanner ofThe worlds fight , and how he affaul- tethvs, on the oneside with profperitie, and on the other fide with aduerfitie. §T.Withwhatweapons the worldofaultethvr. 26. §2.rhemanner howthe worldfightethwith vs. 26. § 3. Thatprofperitie isgood in it owne nature. 28. § q.. That profßeritie in refpeEl of our tfe isofan indi f rent na- ture. 29. 5 f. That weareapt to abufeourpro/ eritietofinne. 30. CHAP. V. Ofthe dangeroufne[i'eoFworldlyprofperitie. S t . That the worlds rogations on the right handare very clan- gerottd. 3 i. 52.That theflareofproM.:ritieis much moredangerotu,then the flareofaduerfrtie. ? ' $ ;.Thai