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The Contents. there earthly things inthe !aftplace. 28s 6.9. Thatwe mull not feeke thefe earthly thingfor their ovine fak°. 286 5. i o. That we muff vfe thole meanesonly whichare la:rfullfor thecampalingofthefe earthy things. 187 S. ix. Of the lawfull vie of thefe earthly thingsinregardofour poffefng anddifbólïng than. 187 CHAP. II. Ofhonors,and what cautions andconditions ate requi- redunto them, that theymay be veto vs goodand lawful;. 5. r. Ofthe diners kindsofhonours. 188 S. a. That honour initfelfe isgoodand lawful'. 189 5.3 .That honour:(ernefordiner:goodvies. 191 4.4.The lanfulneffe ofhonoursproud from the example: of thole whohambene trulyhonorable. 192 §. S. That wemußfirftandprincipaly feekehonorfrom god. 192 S. 6.That in the nextplace, wemuftfeeke to be honored ofthegood and vertuous. 19; 7. Whether it be lawfulltodefire praife ofwickedmen. 194 S. 8. That honour is only to be dIred for verrue: andgood anion:. 295 5.9.7hat we ought to offell filch honours at iremoderate , and proportionable to our deferts. 197 S. i o.That honours ought:sotto be immoderatelydefired. 1, 8 S. I I. Thatgoodmeanes only mutt beviedfor the obtain-its of honours. 299 5.12. That wemuff not propoundour owne honour :as our chtefe andmain end. 2 00 5.13. Wmug not let honour rillwith vs , but return: it wholly vntoGoä 202 5. 14. Wemutt employour honoursvntegoodv/es. 203 S 2 5. Tkat lawfullhonoursare tobe defiredfor Godsglory. 2.o3 S. I6 . Thatwe are todefïre lawful!honors for ourneighbors good, andfirfl, becanfethereby he dodo hisdutie. 2o4 5. 17. Wemufî defire lawfall honour that our neighbourmay be thereby