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TheContents. S. z 3. That thehopeofworldlings uvaine andentertain ,who thinl¿e to leantallthings to theirheiresandchildren. 653 §.4.That theloses ofvoluptuousmenarelhort andfull offradtie. 656. §.15./ perfwafron to thecontemptofthemorld,andlotee ofheiMen groundedvpon the confederation ofour lines fbort andma- mental continuance. 657 CHAP. XXX. Ofthe great hurtwhich worldly things bring to their ow. ners when they let their hearts on them : and fdl, by weaning theirhearts fromGod;and making them idolaters. §.r.That worldly thingrare hurtfullto thole who immoderately lonethem. 66z §.2.That worldly honors bring much hurtto thofe thatdotevpon them. c- 66; §.3.That riches hurt chafe who immoderatydelre them,bydraw- mg themontoalllime. 664 §.4.That voluptuouspleafttreshurt thole who441 them, by be- ingot-cations ofin,anclin themfelseesfinfull. 666 §.5.6.7hat worldly thingswithdraw our hearts from God. 669 §.7. Preferuations againflthe f rmerfinne. 674 §.B.Thatworldly thingsimmoderately louedare thecaufesofido- latrie. 675 §.9.That ambitiotts,couetous,-voluptuous nor' areidolaters.677 CHAP. xxxr. That worldly things makemen forgetful)ofGod,vnthanke- full,proud,contemptuous,iothtull and negligent in the duties ofGodsferuice. §. t.That'worldlyabundance maketh menforgetflilofGod. . 679 §.2.That worldly things aboundingmakeme vnthankefulltowarde God. 68i §.3'4That worldly abundance is the caufeofpride againfl God. 684. §..5.That worldly things caufngpride are álfo thecaufesofde/Iru- Elion. 688 §.6.That worldly things bringwith themcontempt ofGod. 690 §.7.?hat