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THE SECOND} PART OF THE -CHRISTIAN WARFARE; or the Contempt of the World: TENDING T O ARME AND CONFIRME THE WEAKE CHRISTIAN againfl thetentations ofprofperitie, and topreferue him from the immoderate loueofearthly things; by?rotting vnto him, that both the world andworldly vani ties are fo bafe andworthle/Jè,that theydeferuenot to 6eefleemedand loued ofa Chriftian,incomparifonofGoda fpirituali graces and hcauen.. ly ioyes. WRITTEN AS AN ANTIDOTE A- GAINST THE POYSON OF WORLDLIE loue, withwhich in thefe dales fo many are infe5ted; andthat itmight revive that heattenly fireof#iri- tualland diuineloue,whichis fomuch cooledand abated. By I. Do vvNA?l a Bachelar inDiuinitie,and ?reacherofGods?bord. Louenot the?borld,neither the things that areix the tberld. /fan, Manhue theworld ,the /oueofthefatherit net inhim. t .Ioh.2, i.p . 11T LONDON Imprintedby FELIXKxN G STON. 161I.