Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

sb Resfons matting vstofight againt theworld, mediation and interceffion. Take thenwhich you will, for bothyou cannot haue; and thrice bleffed is he that chufeth the better part,for that fhail neuer be taken from him. 4,Seât. s. Thirdly,ofneceffitie wee muff vndertake this combata- ChriJhan+c4- gainfl the world and worldly vanities, bccaufè ourreligion iranre reth in a great part lothconfiflinabandoning ofthem, whereof renounce the it is that at our fir(} entrance into the courfeofChriflianitie, vver14 whenas inour baptifine we take vpon vs the nameofChrifl, wee renounce the world with all the vaine pompe andglo- rious vanities thereof,and profeffe that we will couragiouf ly fight againfl them vnder the ftanderdofIef-us Chril. As Toone therefore as wee ceafe this fight, and become friends with theworld, lettingour hearts and affe&ions more vpon worldly vanities then vpon fpirituall things,we fleale out of arils campe like runnagate fouldiers,we cart atide Chrifis liuerie,wcHide back from our religion in truth, whatfoeuer wee profeffe in words, and ioyning in league with Chrifis enemie wee traiteroufly make warre againil him. To this lames 1,27. purpofe the Apofile lames faith,that purereligionand undef- led before God,essen the Father, is this, to vifit the fatherleje andvedowes in theiraduerfstie,andtokeepea manslelfe vnfpot., Thewhich we cannot doe vnleffe we aban- donand renounce it; for this pefliferous aire infe5leth all that hue in it, and as impoifible it is tohaue familiar con- uerfation with this wantonharlot, andnot tobee inueigled inherbands,and defiled with hervncleannes,astoliuein a mill and to keepe our felues cleane frommeale and duff. §.Se11.6. Fourthly,the neceflitie ofleauing the worldand renoun -- Thevvayoftbe cing carnal vanities hereby appeareth,in that whilefl we worldtr theway continue in the wayofthe world,wee are in the wayof fin, of1mse, and thewayof (inne is the wayofdeathand deflru6ion. go Ephef. e.l .a. the Apofile faith,thatChrifl bathquic(nedvs that were dead in trefpaffes andftnnes,wherein in timepaffwewalkedaccording to the courf of the world, and after the prince that rtsleth in theaire,euen the f irit that nowworketh in thechildren ofdifa- a oh.q.19. bedience,drc. And theApollo Johnfaith,that thewholeworld liethin wickedneffe. If therefore ifwee will not breake off companie with the world,weewalkewith it in the way of Panne