Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

38 OfthedarageroHfs et ofworldlyprofgeritie. will reckon of forne few,who had their profperitie tempe. red with a great meafure ofaflliélion, which as an antidote expelled the poyfon of the other,and like a cold frofl nip. ping their rancknes, made them to becomemore fruitful', Mow many haue we read and heard of, that hauevaliantly refilled theall'aults ofaduerfiçie,and hauepatientlyendured pouertie,and thatwhich is worfe, lofffeofwealth, ficknefl'e and difeafes, banifhment, and imprifonment, yea death it felf,andhorrible tortures much werfe then death?But Phew me enow to intitle a number,oftholewhohauebyworldly profperitie,riehes,honours,and pleafures, been mademore religiousand zealous in Godsferuice, more vertuous,wife, humble,temperate,andmore careful' &watchful ouer their waits, that they might notoffend God the authorof their welfare.Yea fhewme almoll man,thathath not byworld lyprofperitie bin made worfe,more forgetful) o£Cod,more negligent in Chrifiian duties, & vicious in his whole courfe and connerfation. Whereas conerariwifeawhole age were too little to reckonvp thofe who haue come out ofthe fire of allhi6lion more purified, profited vnder this fchoolema- fier,and by there fatherly chailifements haue increafed in their loue towards Cod, and in their care topleafe himby their hole obedience. §;Sec .$. Yea let vs ifyou will obferuc the famemen,and you !hall The great duff?. fee them not the fame,but exceedingly differing from them. rence breweene feluesin thefe different ellates : lookvpon Sax! in his meane treei meta co,udition,and you lali feehim modefily hidinghimfelfe, wdaerfttie as vnworthie cobe King ; but being once fearedin, throne,, and fwefedwithdrinking this royal! poyfon, how proud he is and infolent, difobedient and rebellious, louing his kingdome better then hisGod, and againil hisknowledge and coufcience,making warte with heauen,rather then bee would not haue it continued to him and his polleritie, thoughhe were iuflly depofed for his finne. See allo how in s.Sam.z i,t 3, the entrance into his raigne he fpareth hisenemies,and deli. uerethoffenders from defeated punifhments,but afterwards t.Saat.12 4, with deadlyand implacable maliceperfecuteth his friends, and tyrannically murtbereth the guilticfïie and innocent, But