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CH A P.2. concerntng G o D . 63 steerlafling people, the Church in the purpofe & appoint- ment of God eternally eled}ed. And when the Pfalmiff cryeth out,i Thekindneffes of I s H O V A H arefret') easr- lafling toeuerlailing, doth he not euidentlypoint hereat? But more cleerely to this purpofe, ferueth that of Paul, k commending the excellency of the DOEtrine of the Gofpell,in the gathering together of the Churches ofthe Gentiles afwell as Iewes, in that it was according tohis euerlafling purpofe. As alfo i in another place bee faith of the wifedome ofGod,lyinghid in the myflerie of the Gofpell , that God had fore-ordayned it before the World. Andof Chrif} , Peter faith, m That be tramfore-appointed before thefoundationofthe worldwas laid.The truth here- of not onely fhineth forth in thefe and other great and high points ofour Faith, and namely, of Electlion and Reprobation (which come hereafter to bee confidered) but reacheth farther, and hath a place in all. So n Danid fpeakethofhis conception(an ordinarie courfeofnature) When 1wasficretlyframed, and as it were carionflywroagbt and women together , thine eyes didfesmy very lumps, what time they were fafZnened,ysa, mien then when none oftherm, was sxt.Int : that is, from cuerlatling. And the layingof lames o bath no exception , e411 the workcs ofGodare known: tohimfrom Eternitie. In this Argument I ende that the Prophet Ffay (from whom the Apofiles, P Peter and lude, feeme 9 to haue taken it) delighteth himfelfe much to fet out the Eternitie of Gods Decrees by the phrafe of r Long agoe. In the two and twentieth t chap- ter, Thou didds.fl ¡coke in that lay (when the enemie did beficgeyou) to the Armour ofthe Forreji, I]otefe,'e. But yes looked not to the Author ofit, nor had refpe l to him that framed it longagoe. Chap.2 5 . t The counfels long agoe(eter- nally decreed , and in their timeprophefied, and made knowne to theChurch)areFaith andTruth.And fohim- felfe doth in another u place expound it, to import as much as from all Eternitie. Secondly , The caufe 'why all things are fo decreed, is slot i Pjal.to3s 1'; k Ephef.3.11. I I.Cor.:,', m I.Pet.t.zo, n Pfal.1,3, 15, 16. o das 15,1a, II. t Efay s 6 4fa1370,