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CI THE_ SUMME' of Sacred D.uínitae Fír f n Bríefly & ChodlcAlly Propounded t .Ana theri MoreLaOly c3ccleereÿ handled andplane" ' IïTqqBLItiHED yolJnL^^OLYnClme Batchelorm tiivañi; _ 2 1l,!iII,"'h, i4ü Iä .,@.!iti2lR011 iï.6Ì` I h1.6 "IiBi!i IilnilLlilt;il1'IflúÍi'd l!ú!á sliúl 41n,1á!VIVII!'4a . n:Il,liliV.r,il. I!I 4lh;l ;!ijl LONDOav ríñtéábyWíllí: ,Stanlby. òi^ Wíl arret 0 oi ,;JL II 16Vil u III!IÍI. .'n IIII VI :;;L, 000(4 AU0004 Yj:w.A.?_4Q 4rX0-A/.f',a. I i hlu lA i k'i +. I,. I 14ti '. n I I!'l l ill.. II IL:i á;IG

r4r p; -ri i r s.,, ,..-..-4.,7,.. i A t.2),4 w 114r.algtv 4 ' 41, .- 1 11' '`.. rfletiO . u---' -- - , 4 _, ",,, -.4- TO THE CHReSTIAN R.E/IDER. 1=111k. S in materiall build- ings, theAll ofthofe Workemen is corn- mendable, who can cunningly- frame the tingular parts, and fo beautifie &fet them forth o as that they may bee picatant to the eye,and conueni- era for vfe ; as they that can make faire Walls and Windowes,agrace- full Frontifpice and comely R.00fe ; but they are mofl praire-worthy, who can well contriue the whole plot, laya good and lureFoundation, and in dueproportion can frame out and let vp the princi- palls andchiefe parts which fuflayne and beare the reft : fo in the fpirituall Edikce tbey arc wor- thily tobecommended, who skilfully handle par- ticular pointsofDiuinitie in their Lamed and Re- If 2

ligiousTraectates , whereby the iudgeMent of the Reader is thoruwly informed in thole diuineMy- fferies,and theheart and wil inclined to draw them into holy vie ; but , yet none deferue better of the Church of God , nor ought ra . her to haue their names regiffred with red Letters in theKalenderof the worthieft Saints, then they who in their Wri- tings or Sermons, doe skilfully coivrìue the whole building or body ofDiuinitie in a wel-framed plot, lay a found and lure foundation , and thereupon e- red the chick Principles and moll fubflantial parts which are the flrength and flayof all the Nit. For ifthe iudgement bee once thorowly informed in thefe mayne points- ; then is it able to deduce from innumerable particular Conclufions,for fpe- ciall infirmation and direction in the well-orde- ring of our lines in all fingular anions ; then may wee with profit and without peril of falling into pernicious errours,reade theholy Scriptures,when we are able to interpret them according to thefe in. fallible Canons and Rules; then may we heare the Word preached withynderflanding. ,and trie the fpírits of tholewho preach vino vs, whether they bee of God or no , when wee hueskill to examine their Dcarines according to this Analogic of Faith , and can trie them by this neuer-deceiuing Touchflone, whether theybee pure metal , or but reprobate filuer,and coumerfait coyne. Then ¡hall wee be more flrongly armed againft all aflaultsof enemies andaduerfaries to the Truth , falle Sedu- cers and fubtill Heretikess and be betterable to de- fend that Veritie which we'profttre , and conuince them

To THE READER. them oftheirerroursand lye.s; then ( wanting this helpe) if we fhould fpcnd our whole time in rea- dingofControuerfes, and euen dimme our eyes, and tyre our brayncs in the perufingand fudying ofPolemical) difcourfes. For,thefe many grounds ofTruth doeyeeld from them fuch a cleere light, that they do not onlyappeare in theirownebright- nef e,but allo difcouer the blackneffe oferrour,and from one Principle well vndcrflood,we inferre the falfhood of innumerable contrarie Concluliions: whereofit is, that we fhall very rarelyoblerue any well-grounded in the fundamental) points of Re- ligion, to fall into the Mares of fubtill Seducers : whereas contrariwife wee may commonly fee, that tholewho are ignorant of them , though neuer fo fharpe-lighted incurious fpeculations,doe become an eaue prey,andarequickly catched in thenets of their Sophilirie. In which refpeCts it were much tobe witted , that bothMiniflers would beemore frequent and diligent in laying there grounds in their Teaching and Writing ; and alto that the peoplewould receive this more folid and fub(lan- tiall foode with a better appetite. The which of both is too much negleted , becaufe howfoeuer there grounds'are moft neccffarie, yet they doe not make fo glorious a (hew as other points leffe fub Rantiall, becaufe like a lure foundation they are plaine and vnpolifhed ; whereas the other being beautifully garnifhed withwir and eloqucnce,doe delight thefenfe, and morepleafingly workevpon the heart and affections. And yet we mull acknow- ledge to Gods glorie,who hash giuen there gifts to If 3 men,

-To THE RE A D.B ri, men , and grace to vfe them , that there hauenot beene wanting in dick larcer times many famous Vrorthies,who haue happily laboured in this kind, and with great foundneffe and perfpicuitie haue delivered and cleered chef mayne points by their (peaking and writing. Among which ( Christian Reader) I commend vnro thee the Author ofthis Book; , as deferuing iuffly to be ranked among the beff,both for Method and Matter, found handling ofthe chiefepoints of Chriflian Religion, and for cleering by the way dfuers hard places of holy Scripture. All which bee performeth in this worke with fuch learning, iudgemenr,and pietie, that had bee herein refpeaed theprayfes ofmen, hee might well haue graced his Name with his worke, euen as his Worke would haue beene graced by bis Name , and not asone athamed offo beautifull an ofdfpring, haue fuffered it tocomeabroad into the World as an Orphan, the Father (till liuing, onely vnder thenameofan vnworrhy God- father. The which I write not to commend the Author, who as he is farre aboue myprayfes in thehighpitch of his owne worth; fodothhe not defile, but rather fhunneth them ; and , as to the willing , an iniurie is no iniurie ; fo,anofficious dune is no benefit, but a kind ofwrong.,where (the partie pilling) it is for- ced andobtruded. Nor yet doe I praife the worke for theWorkers fake, which , though it comrnth abroad without the Fathers name,yet will,I doubt nor, in fhort time be famous in its owne name and excellencie; but that I may with the weake thread ofmycenfure draw thee to perufe it; and to will it Cufll-

To Ti $ READER. fufficiently commend it felfe , and glue there iuft cauteofprayfingGod for ffirringvp fuch inflru- mentsofhis Glorie and thy good. The Lord make this and all other the godly labours of his faithfull Seruants , effeauall for magnifying of his great Name , and the further buildingvp of thebody of hid Sonne, tillwee all come in the Ynitieofthe Faith andtheknowledgeofthe sonneofGodvnto a perfeél Man, and unto themeafure of theratureoftheful- neffê ofChrifl, that ive henceforth be no more chil. dren totted to andfro,andcarryedabout witheuery wind ofdoctrine, by the fleight ofmen , and cunningcra,ftineffe,whereby they lye inwait to decerue : but lieaking the truth in loue ,may growvp intohim in all things which is theHead, euen Chrifl. AMEN, Thine in the Lord Iefus, JOHN DOWN AME. 17 4 Epb%q.i 2,,T3.

Aduertifement to the READER. ftWAfte His Booke, tending toexplane another, intituled ,' The facred Dotrine of Diuinitie , wherein the whole body of ReligionùPt forthaccording to rules ofArte : it was thought neceffarie to place the rte in theMargenton the one hand, and fumeprincipali Herefies andErrors , contrarie to the Doctrines here handled, as they arife , on the other. e..ilrofor thy better helpe, we haue herewithali prin- tedthe Arte by itrelfe , before the beginning f the Booke ; If it differ in any thing fown this at the efrlargent, follow that which is by itfelfe at the beginning. Difference in fub(lance there ás not any , kit the Copie : fer that at the c (argent was not altogetherfo perfect,

THE FJRS:T BOOKE OF DIVINITIED OF GOD THE CREATOß. CHAPTER I. OfGoD the FATHER. , the SoNNE9_ and the HOLY GHOST, Iuinitie is a Doetrine of glorifying God whereof therebee two parts : One that concerneth God: The other, concerning Emanuel,God with vs. God is feh©uah, three Perforas, Iehouah ,which is, Beeing or Perfe- ¿ion it felre, fgnifieth a Nature that bath all good,nd perfect things in a molt perfeet and incommunicable manner. The perfe61 things inGA, betide Life , Vnder(lan ding, and Will , (withc3ut whichnoperfcaton can bee) are Ilolineffe and Rio edneffe, iolineffe is the puritie of his Nature; from whence cornmech a Righteoufncffe in all his Waycs , fpecially feene :ovs in foute chiefe and principal) Verrues , which in the ; cripturc:vou. (hall find for the moll part to goe bycouples or payres. 11:c.;

TheChiefe Points The fink couple are Kindnnffe and Truth: Kindnefje, in being ready to bellow all good things.. Truth,faithfully to perforrne whatfoeuer he fpeaketh. The other couple are Iutice and Merj,flowing from the former. Ius`iice, to render to curryonehis due. Mercy, inbeing ready to helpe in time ofneed. This is the Holineffeof G o D, and his Ríj hteoufnsffe Gemming from it ; Bleffedneffe is his All- fufficiency of things that make one happy; and flandeth in Kingdome and Power, or Glorie. K:ngdome, is his Soueraignty ofcommandingwhat- foeuer he will. Power, his ableneffe to doe whatfoeuer hee comman- deth. Glorie, comprehendeth all the excellencies of his Na- ture; as Wifedorne, and other Graces of the mincie, Strength, Comlinefle and Beautie, Gracioufneffe,or an amiable and lonely Nature : a complete furniture of Riches, Honour and of all kind of Pleafures and De- lights. Thefe are the Perfe6t themfelues: His perfect and in- communicable manner of hauing of them, is Infinite - neflreand Eternitie. Infiniteneffe, wherebyhe is without circumfcription, and therefore of a mof2 tingle Nature ( that whatfoeuer is in God is God himfelte) and therefore alfa inuifible and incomprehenfible. Eternitie, whereby Hee is without beginning or en... ding ; and therefore ofhimfelfe and vnchangeable. This is it we meane by I n H o v A H who upon all that bath been: faid, is, nor canbe but One. The three Perlons areeach ofthem that one Iehoualo diuerily fubfifling; and are theFather, and theSonne, or the Holy Ghosts, TheFather is a Perron, who from ali eternitie bath begotten the Sonne. The

handled in this booke. TheSonne is a Perlon , from all eternitiebegottenof the Father. The HoyGhoft is a Perfon,eternally proceeding from the Father and the Sonne. CHAP. II. o f theEternalDecrees ofGod. 1GD being thus in his Nature and Perlon mofl glo [rious , bath further embroidered himfelfe in glo- rie,by two notes ofexcellencie, which he taketh tohim,. Kingdome and Honour. Kingdomne, is that whereby bee dothexercifean abfo- lute Soueraigntie toward others. The order whereof, anfwerable to the relation berweene the Perlons them:. felues,is from the Father in theSenneby the Holy Gholl to whom is attributed the immediate doing of them. The Kingdomeof Godbath twoparts, Purpofe and. Works : Purple is his Decree before all times , ofeucry thing. CHAP. III. OfCreation. Tile Workes of God, are theexecution of his Pur. pofe ;; and are. Creation and Prouidence. Creation ,is his making all things of nothing, finifhed in fixe dayes; and was of eueryCreature in excellencie of perfe6ion. Of the reafonable Creatures , Angels , and Men , it was after his owr,e Image and Likeneife , itt Holineffe andHappiucfre. Hollisè,,,

TheChiefe Pointa Holineffe,in a mind inligh toed with theknowledge ofthe whole Will ofGod , and all the ftrengths of Na- ture conformed thereunto. Happineffe , in the fruition ofGods loue, and ( from thence comming) a Coniun6 ion and Communion with him. ConitmEien, is an inioyingof his Perfonall prefence. Communion , is a participation in force fort, of his Bleffednelle, bothKingdome, Power, and Glorie. CHAP. I11 1. ofProuidence. Resaiárnce , is his gouerning of the things crea- 1" ted. CH A P. V. ofthe 1Worall Lary. CO much of the Kingdome ofGod ; the honour due untohim, is, That the reafonable Creatures (Angels and Men)doehis Will,with that whole firength of their naturali integritie ; Euery thing with fo much the grea- ter ftrength, as the dutiedoth more excell, the doing whereof is termed Righteoufneffe. CHAP. VI. Thefi:'fl Table, and thefrrftCommandm:eot.' R!ghteoufirefebath two parts, Pietie,and Iufice. Pi`tie, isof the immediate duties toGod,where; of

handledin thisbooke. of this is the whole,, that wee haue God to be ourGod. The parts are two : One to cleauc vnto him Loaing, Reuerencing, Fearing, Belceuing, Trufling , andHoping inhim ; fromwhence arife Patience and Humilitie. The other to worshiphim : which worfhip compre- hendeth all kind of Seruicepublike andprivate. One principallpart whereof is Prayer; both petition for the obtayningofgood things , or turning awayofcuill, and thankfgiuing for all wee doe inioy. Apiece alto ofthis Seruice (when iu1 caufe requiieth) is fwearing and curet fingby hisName, making our Vowes vnto him, and by lotterie to commit into his hands the fucceffe of our doubtful' affaires. CHAP. VII+ ofthefecond Commandernent. O the worfhipofGod, two things doe belong; a: holymanner ofworfhippingGod,and a holy reit. The manner.flandeth in Obedience and Re\uercnce. Obedience: is the worfhipping ofhim according to his Commandement. CHAP. VIII. of the thirdCommandement. REuerce is a religious affe6tion in the feruice of God,wlrcreunto are requifite Preparation and Hu.. mitiation : and, when need is, both Failing, to quicken vs to petition inthe acknowledgement ofour vnworthi- nefie and wants,and Feafting, to expreffe our thankful - ne%for his benefits. . CaAr..

TheChie fe Points CH A P. I X. o f shefourthCommandement. His is the mannerof Gods w'or'fhip : A holy refs is a fan&ified ofa time vetohisferuice ; which (be- tide other times as occafion (hail be offered) in a Family or for ones felfe apart , ought ordinarily tobee ir. the MorningandEueningof eueryday : for Church -mee- tings on fuch Dayes and Timesofthe day, a; may (land with the convenience oftbat Church. But ofneccffitieone whole day in feuen, is thus to be kept holy bothwith publike and pìivateexercifes : In whichnumber the duties ofbrotherly loue, as difiribu_ tint to thePoore, according to Gods blefling vpon vs, vifiting the Sicke, helping our Neighbour, or any thing that is his , in their difircffe corne alto to be reckoned when they are done, as works ofMercy. This day, in the fief} infl.itution,was thefeuenth Day from the Creation, and called the SabbathDay, begin- ningon the euening of the day before when the Crea- tion of the World was finifhed. CH A T. X, filmfecondrable oftheLaw, andofthefif; Commandement. IVuIice followeth , which is of the duties amongour flues, and is honour or the general! dutiesofLoue. Honour, is a perfoi manse of duties in refpe& of a degree. Firf}, amongvnequals, from Infétiours to their Superiours, and contrari wife As, To all Superiours in yeeres, knowledge, or howfo- euer cliè. Iteuerence, inacknowledgingthe good things <<'hercin they are prefcrred,and making our vie ofthem. Thenotes of NN hich rcrierence are,rifing vp before them. Giuing

handled in thiaDooke.. Giuing them the honour,and place of fpeaking fire,&c. To them in Authoritie , Subieé} ion in a readic ii,b miffion to their gotternment, andobedience , voluntari- ly to.doe -what they command; or ( when it cannot with; a good confcience bee done ) patiently tobeare thepu-- nifhment. Topublike authoritie of Mugit}racie and- the.Mini- ftrie, fupplyingofCharges, andother neceffaries for the executionof their Office, and a defending of them in the fame. Touching them inprivate Authoritie. ToParents, not marryingwithout their content, and; in their neceífities to releeue them.. ToMaaers, faithful! feruice. To Husbandand Wife each fromother mutual' helpe. and due. benevolence. The Wife alto to- reprefent hey, Husbands vertues, and to fauc that,which hec bring- eth in. Againe, from all Superiours a good example ofgraue and wifecarriage, and-vfing of the things wherein they arepreferred to theothers benefit. From them in Authoritie , firf}, inaru&iott of their Inferiours in the things ofGod, and oftheir ipcciall cal - lings. Then due rccompeuce of good. or, euill at ions,. And lafily, protection from wrongs. From publike Authoritie , that is to .fay., from Ma- gifirates, ,maintenance afwell of true Religion, as of. Peace and Honeftie of life. , From the Minitlrie publike. teaching. Fromprivate Authoritie,prouiüon ofFood and Ray ment, familiarly to teach their Inferiours, and inPrayer togoobefore them. From both the Parents, to apply their Children to that they are fit for, and to prouide for them. The Fa. ther to name the Child, the-Mother tonurfe it. From Maflers,due refpe,ÿt of their Servants trauailes... From..

7'heChie`e l?oints: FromHusbands, cherifhingof their Wines, with all intire af}eéU n. Secondly, it is ofequals one unto another, in lowing, honouring; doingof good toall, but chiefly to filch as by the bond ofNature , or profeflion of the fame Faith, are more neerely linked vnto vs. And la(i1y, towards our felucs the maintayning of our bonef+ credit , and lober efieeming of the graces we haue receiued. CHAP. XI. Ofthefixt Commandement. THe generall dutiesofLoue, are thole that are with- out refped}of degree : And reipea the Petfon of the good things belonging to the Perlon : Perlon, as Mercy and Chailitie. Ì%4ercy, is of the duties that touch the preferuationof en°sperfon. Where the fpeciall vertues, that lcade vs by the hand,to the keeping ofthis Commandement,are Meekeneffe and Kindne fe. M.eekeneffe, in a gentle and peaceable difpofitiorg, readie to depart from ones right"; flow to wrath, and pa- lient to indure wrong,. Kindocile, in a !cuing dofpoftion and helpfulnefle veto other, not onely forgiving offences, but recompera- cing good for euill. CHAP. XII. Ofthefeuenth Commandement. liai itic , is ofthe duties that touch thepuritie of V.Jones perfon, bo. h foute and body; and that afwell in tingle life, its in the Bate of marriage 'which Cod bath

handled in thin Dooke. bath infiituted , for a Remedie againfir Vncleane- sieffe. The twopreferuatiuesofChaflitie, are Modeflie and Temperance. Modestie , whichkeepeth a comely Shamefafine& in Wards, Countenance , Ceflure, Apparrell, and other things. Temperance, which is a moderate and lober vfe of lawful! Pleafures, efpecially in Meats andDrinkes, and in the vfe of Marriage. CHAP. XIII. of:heeighth Commandment. that 'refpe& the good thngs belonging to THofe the Perlon, are Vprightnefe, and Contenteelutffe; Vprightneffe, is tohold a lawful! courfe indealingabout them: and 4landeth in Right, and Truth. Right, which is in dealing iuilly. Both for the meanes ofcomming by them ,shat it beby lawful! Purchafe , or Defcent.: and in-the vfe ofthem , to doe it frugally and liberally , by a cheerefull communicating of them all, both in Gluingand Lending : OneBranch whereof is 114italitie. _._... ._..... CHAP. XIIII. oftheninthCommandement. R v r H , is in dealing faithfully. As Prudence in fudgingaright ; Simplicitie, in (peaking and do- ing the Truth ; Charitie , to take things in the bell part, &c. CHAS'.

The Chiefe Paints CHAP. XV. of the tenthCommandement. His is VprPubneffe: Contentedneffe ,is to ref+ fully fatisñed with that whichGod befloweth ; rcioy- cing in anothers good, as inour owne : which is the top and perfection of Lowe. CHAP. XVI. of theCovenant ofWorkes. V VIth the Creatures, who are thus to doe his Will , it bath pleated G o i tomake a Cone_ nant, which is called the Couenant ofWorkes : ACo- uenant ofLife, to the Doers; of Death , vnto Tranf greffors : Both more, or lcffe, as theRighteoufneffe or Sinneabounded]. Life, is a continual) Progreffe in Holineffe and Hap- pineffe. Death is a Sinnefull and CurfedEaate. Sinneft ll, in Darkneffe, and a totali corruption of the whole firength of Nature, vnto all vnrìghteouf- neffe. Curtd , in the Wrath ofGod and all the euill that commethof ir, contrary to the former, Coniunctionand Communion with him. .00.0.. CHAP. XVII. of the FallofAsgels. PT1His Couenant, both e4melr and c/tilen (inour fir[i Parents, dam and L'ue) kept for a time but left uoto themfelues, they quickly fell away. Fir14n.

handled in this Doke. Firfi , of the effngels, fotne onely fell; but à great multitude. One (theScripture namethhim Satan, or the Dena) the chicle Ring- leader of the refl. . TheG'urfe vpon them,is the fulneffe of Gods Wrath; which falling vpon a bare Creature, not able to beare the brunt ofit, crufheth himdowne into Dell for euer. And this eflate is called Damnation, drawing with it the full height and top of all Iniquitie , hatred of God, obainate Vnrepentance, finali Defperation, and fuch like. Notwithflanding , it picafeth God many times to fend them force releafe out of that Dungeon., fuf fering them to dwell in the Ayre, and to roame the- rowout the World , that fo they maybe Infiruments to werke his pleafure here among vs. All this, till a Day appointed, which wee call the Latter Day, when they fhall receiue their tail Doome, of an euerlailing and more dreadfuil Damnation , with Execution accore Jingly. The Angels that fell not , are fupernaturall vpholdett from all danger offalling. CHAr. XV11I. of the Fall of c.Man. AFter the Fall oferingels , by SatansTemptation of Ene, and through her ofAdam, they, and in them, all Mankinddid fall. The punifbntent vnto them (by the great patience and long fufferance ofGod , and in his fingular Mercie, to make a way for theRedemptionof Mankind) is fo qualified , that the vttermofl and moll extreme furie of it, is put off till the Latter Day. Whereupon grow two Degrees of this finfull and turfed cflate; for either it is in part , onely during thisLife ; or in the fulncífe of it, aefer Death,

neChiefe Pointr, e7E, In pareonely, as Sinfulncffe, not in the higiiefl pitch. Touching their Curfe.d efface : firfl , the Wrath of God upon them fo farre , that all things, not Bieflings onelv, . but his very Graces s turne to their Ruine: Secondly, feparation from his Prefence s Thirdly , Joffe ofour for- mer Soueraignty, and confcquently, ofour Power; in- fomuch, as both the Creatures are become our enemies, and wee flaues to Satan : Fourthly, all kinde of Cala- mities, Ignorance, Shame, Infirmitie, Sickneffe, and in the end, Death, which is the feparation of Soule and Body. Yet in all this ,fonne Reliquesof formerDignitie doe atcmaine, namely ,in the Minde , common Principles of Good and Euill (fparkcs of that light of Nature) and force Seedes ofConfcience, which notwithflanding are wholly finfull, and doe but feruepartly to kccpe Men frombreaking forth, without all flameor regardofho. neflie , partly tomake them vnexcufable : In theBody, a.kind ofMaieftic; in the wholeMan , a certaine Soue- raigntie,that keepeth in awe thebrute Creatures, The Creaturehere (through the Fall ofMan) recei- ueth an impaire of his firfl perfe.ftion. So muchof that%which is i© part. The fulneffe of the Curie after Death, is Damnation with the Deuill and his Angels : In Souk prefeutly, till the Latter Day; at what time, God for that purpofe raying vp their Bodies, the whole Man ihall recciue the like Dorme and Execution accordingly. Amiferable Change to InchMen as then are lining, fhall be in Read of aDeath, and riling from it. The Creature is then allo fubieet to an utter abo.... lotion. THE'

THE SECOND BOOKE OF DIV INITIE, OF EMANVEL GOD AND MAN,OVR REDEE UER, CHAP. I. OfC ii. is r. H r s is the fortune of that Do&rine which , Twe hareconcerning Gob. The other follow- eth,concerning Eroanmel,Go D with vs. Emvotel (Gob with vs)is in one Perfon,the., Sonne ofGon , and veryMan, conceived of a Virginby the HolyG HOST:Who is all() CH It I s T , or Anoin- ted; called ofhis Father, euer fince theFall of Adaw, to be a Mediator betweene Go D and Man : of a Coue- nant,to faue throughFaith in him (that is,by apprehen- dingof the Coucnant) certaine fewMen , vs, homG o p .,. his Father hath chofen from Eternitic , and giuen vnta, him, te, let forth in them thepraife ofhis Mercie, This Couenant is called the Couenant ofGrace : And ratified by the Death ofHim that made ir, bath alto the Name of a TeRamtnto Being alwaves one and the fame in fubflance, it is ne, uerthel,ffe-diiiingu)fhQd , or diainCtly to be coalideted in the (Ad and New Tetiament. ,,' The Old I-Oat-ilea was the Couenant through Ca ax si r . to come. The , , *

TheChíefe Points_ The New Teflament , is the C©uenant , through C H R I S T alreadie come I z s v s, the Sonne of (-Marie. a ®, CHAP.II. ofthePràeffhoodoffChr . OF the Office of Mediation , there bee two parts, Pries`hood, and Kingdome. Priefhood is in the things which he loth toGod for thole Ele&. The parts are ablation and Intercefcon. Oblation, is the offering vp of Himfelfe for them. It f}andeth in two things : Firí+, the fanaifying ofhis HumaneNature in all Ho- ilncffe, from the very fir(I moment of his Conception, for the workeofthe Mediation. Then in the performing of the molt excellent mea- fure ofObedience to the Law of God , that can poi3ï- biy fall vnto any Creature : One principali part where- of, are his Sufferings ; in taking vpon him our Sinnes, and the whole Curfe , both that of this Life, and the fulneffe ofit, due vnto them after Death. All which he fully fatisfied. The Curie vpon vs here, in the whole courfe of his life ; the fulneffe of the Curie , vpon the Creffe; andDeath, by dying; vnder thepower where- ofhe lay threedayes in theGraue. This righteoufnefl'e, or Obedience ,being the Righ- teoufneffe ofHim , who is bothGod and Man , doth cot}fcquently merit a like fupreme meafure of Bleffed- neffe; cuidently feene in the Glories that did follow his Sufferings and were in Souk or Bodie apart, or ioyntly in them both. In Souk hee went to hea_ ten , preîently after Death : His bodie bee rayfed from the Dcad , glorious , the third day, at the daw- ning of the Day : In his whole Perlon ( Soule and Body

handledin this Backe. Body ioyned together) he afcend'ed into Hcaucn the fortieth dayafter his Refurreolion and there fitted: at the right hand ofGod; that it to fay, inioyeth all Soue_ raign tie, Power, and Glorie. Hitherto of Oblation. Interceon is the continual' prefentingof his Merits to God his Father, on the be halfe of thofe Elea. CITAr.III. o fChrisGovernment o_ f the World: ingencrall. SVch is the Priesthood of Chrïf#; his Kingdose foi. loweth. Kingdome , is in the things which lace loth fromGod for thofe Elea. TheKingdome ofChriflbath twoparts :One,where- by bee goucrneth all the World according to their owne Nature, fince the Fall. In the Angels , perfects in Deuils , and Men , corrupted ; in the tea of the World, perucrtcd. CHAP. III I. oftheProphetical!office ofChrjli And ofhis Word. lHe other, which is vnto his Church; a Companie of Men, culled out of the World. This latter part contaynethhisProphetical( Office , and that which the Scripture, by excellencie, termeth the Kingdorne. Prophetical! Office , whereby hee bath a Church vnto himfelfe , by his Word and the Power of his Spirit, The

TheChiefePointa TheWord of Chrift, is°hispublifhiogof the Coue- atantof Grace : Whichof the Old Teflament, was cal- led the Promife;ofthe-New, is called theGofpel. CHAP P. V. o f theoutn'ardChurch. Is Church is the outward Church, or the Chùrch ofGods Ele& OutwardOs of thole that profefc, to belecue in Hirn. Seuerall Companies , that afíemble for theExercifes of theWord , are fo many Churches and Members of the-Whole: And in euery ofthefe, God bath alwayes forme that are His indeed. Th:ir Childrenalfo are oftheChurch. Vpon theoutward-Church Chrifl befloweth Gifts, both for theChurches commongood, and for a Mans owne private. For the commongood, are firfl things committed to theChurches keeping; then, Minifleries andGraces. The things có'mrnitted, are his Word ( whereof wee haue fpoken ) to be preached, Sacraments to beadmini- flred, and other holyThings. Preaching , is an infruelien of theChurch by liuely Voice in the Wordof Chrifl ; and that byDo&rine,or Exhortation. :Dotrine, in laying forth theTruth, and confutingof contrarie Errors. Exhortation,to apply it allo to all good vies; of-com- forting, denouncing, furring vp, reproouing. A Sacrament is a fgne and Peale of the Couenant, either for our entrance , or continuance in the Coue- nant The

handled this woke. The adminiflration,is to deliver them,with declaring Chrifis Inflitution , and Prayer vntoGod , to make the fame rffediluall , to the end for the which they were ordayned : Which the Scripture callech Rleffing, or Confecration. It followeth to fpeake ofAfinifcriesand Graces, Minis7-eries, are publike fumions in the Church; fpecially for Preaching ( which includeth the dulie of offering the Churches Prayers) and Adminifirarion of the Sacraments. Among the Minifers ofthe Word , forne haue beene ( extraordinarily) infpired of Chrifl, to deliver both by liuely Voyce and Writing (fo as they could Oct erre) the whole Truth of Chrifl, and had power to worke Miracles , for the confirming of their Doc- trine. All other Minit?eries are to fetch their Light from the Do&lrine ofthofe that ware fo infpired. Graces, are Gifts for the difcharge ofthofe publike Fumions. Gifts for a Mans owne private, are Knowledge of the Word of Chrí(l and a Tafle of the fweetoeffe of it : Which being the hghefl Step that it is poffible for any Reprobate to afcend, changeth after a fort Mans corrupt Nature; yet fo, as it may be loll againe. But who fo once of Malice Talleth from it , can ne. uer be repayred. CHAP. VI. of the Church v?ader the Law. THe Church is One, and cannot be diuided : but ha- mug regard to the diuert tie ofGodsDifpenfation, it may be diflinguifhed into the Churchvnder theOld Teflamcnr, and the Church in theNew. That

TheChiefePoints That vnder the Old Tefaament, had diuers Rites , Ceremonies , and Sacrifices, Figures ofChritl, and of the good things wee haue in him ; efpecially among the Iewes , his then peculiar People : Whereby the Difpenfation of thofe Times was more obscure, and lcfl'e accompanied with Knowledge, and other Graces. But of all thefe things , as alfb of their Sacraments, ( which, in regard of the outward Signes, were a pare of the Legall Paedagogie) and likewife of the Mi.- nitleries that were among them , both that of Pro. phets (infpired) by whomwere written the Bookes of the OldTePtament, and of other, I hauewritten at large , in a Treatifeenciculed, The Old Tetlament, or the Promise. irt,10.4.---.., CHAP. VIi. O f the Church in the timeofthe Geell. TO the Church ofthe New Teflament,the Difpend fation is in all cleereneffe and perfection. Touching the Sacraments., and Mnifleries of the New TeLarnent, there be twoSacraments, Baptifrne, and the Lords Supper, Rapt:f e, is a wathingwith Water,, to affure our eaw tra=ce into the C'ouen.nt; the forme whereof is thus, or to this eff, 61: 1 baptize thee in theNameof theFather, and of the Sonne , andof the HolyGhosf. The Lords Supper, is a feeding with Breadand-Wine, to affure our continuance in theCouenant; the forme whereofis thus, or to this effea : Yor the Bread., Takeye, eateye; This ¡s m, Fody, which

handledrn this 1r3ooke. which is giuen for low : Doe this in remembrance of mee. Far the Cup , Drinkeye all of this ; for this is ny Blondoft NewTeflament, which is/bedfor many , for theremranoffinnes : Doe this as oft itsleAddrinke it, in remembrance ofmee. The Mtuifiers of the New Teflament , were Apo_ (Iles (infpired) (byw,o!e Miniflerie were written the Booties of the NewTefiarneoc) Prophets, Euangelins, Paf}ors, Teachers, &c. CHAP. VIII. of the Church of Gods Elea. THus farce of the outward Church. The other is the Churchof Gods Elea, drawne to bekcue in Chria , ordinarily , by Preaching : VóTherefere with thefe , God maketh indeed his Couenanr. By venue whereof, our Faith, albeit apprehendingChrif1 abfent, it apprehend Him weakrly ; yet confirmed by the Word, and Sacraments, Prayer, and other holymeares, it neuer lettethgoe the Hold, but continually groweth, till we come to lee ChrifiI in his glaiy : So as Faith bath alwwayes Hope , that is, an antedwaiting for of that beffed Sight, going with it. CHAP. IX. Of Regeneration. HIthertoof Chriffs Prophetical; Office. The King- dome ( by Pxceilencie to termed) is that. whereby denroyil;g the OldMan by tht Powtr of las Death -.nd A 2 Suf;t.

TheChiefe Points Sufferings, all that areofthe Church ofGods Elea, Mc doth regenerate, by the Power ofhis Refurre6fion. The Day of his Rifing, which was the 6rfi Day of the Creation , is ( for an euerlaf ing Remembrance of that Benefit) come in place of the Sabbath, and called the Lot ds Day; beginning when he arofe, and began to renew the World. Regeneration, is our fpirittaall incorporating into Chritt, euery Member in his dueproportion; whereby being one with him, through him with God , and lais Spirit ours, we become Gods children by adoption. Of a regenerate e(iate there be two Degrees, as it were twoAges, Infancie, andMans egate. Infancie, which is during this Life, by Faith and therefore by meanes of the Word , and imperfectly felled vp in our owne inward affurance of theSpirit, not in the Worlds difcerning of it; and growing ac- cording as our Faithdoth grow: And this is called the StateorKingdome of Grace. Mans eJlate, which is after this Life, by Sight, and therefore immediatly by Chri(is Spirit, and in all Per- feertion: And that is called the State or Kingdotne of Glorie. CHAP. X. ofwifedome,Righteeafiref fe, S4rn Iifreatio,,, andRedemption. THe Spirit of"Chriftbeing ours , confequentlydoth faue vs, from our finfull and curled elate to enjoy 011 the Good that is inhim. It flandeth in Illumination, and Ius4?f/cation, and from thtnce comming) Sewilification, and Redena- tion. Illxli- .

handled in this booke, Illumi'nartan, Whereby expelling Darkencffe, hedoth i,nli;hten our Minds with the Knowledge of the Will ofCod in Chrifl ; which the Apoftle calleth Wit-dome. ít/ti(cative, Whereby forgiving our finnes , by his taking themvpon him, he . doth account the Halineffe of' his Nature and Righteoufteffe to be ours. From whence (as X laid) come Sanc`lification, and Redemption. Sanffi catian,Whereby flaying Sinne, he putteth a new Life. of Holinefle into vs , to bring forth fruits of Righteoufneffe. Wherein there is no more now re- Tired , but that Sinne beate not the rule in vs : and our Werkes of Righteoufneffe, though all mingled with fiinne, are not onelypleating vnto god, through his forgiueneffe of the finne; but bite befide, ofGods free goodueffe , looking upon them in the perfeó ion of his Sonne , fpeeiall Promilès of Reward made vnto them, both in this Life, and in the Life to come. - Redemption,Whereby freeing vs,from the Cut fe,hi-m- felfe becontming a Curie for vs,he maketh vs bleffed;bk. the participation of his Bleffedneffe. Our BleiTedneffe in this ellate flandeth, Firfi, in the Loue ofGod anew : Whereby all things, not the Calamities and Troubles of this Life, and alto Death it fare, but euen our very finnes turne vnto our good ; and in the affurance whereof, wee haue Peace of Confcience, and Ioy in the HolyGhoft. Secondly, in that wee are made neere vnto him and haue continuall acceffe, with boldneffe, into his Pre_ fence. Thirdly, in our former Seueraigntie and Power ouer the Creatures ; whereof commeth free libertie of vfing them all, and deliverance from the Bondage of Satan. This alfo as a noble acceffe added thereunto , that the holy Angels therm:elves are made mir,ifiers for our good. A 3 Fourthly, ;

The Chiefi Points, °c, Fourthly, in a Spirituali Glorie and Wifedome, and other Graces. After this Life, commeth the fslneffeof Bleffednefl'e, more or Icfie, according to the diuers meafure of our Faith here. To the Soule in Heauen , prefently after Death , till the LatterDay : At what time our Bodies being rayfed vp glorious , the whole Man (hall meete CHRIST comming to Iudgcment in the Ayre, and there receiueSentence of all fulnclfe of Bleffednetfe for suer : Whichwe {hall inioy; taken vp into Heauenby theverrue of his Alcenfion. CertaineMen , vpon our Sauiour Cx it; s T s Fier furre&ion., roleagainc, and are alreadie with him in Heauen, Soare Enoch and Elias both aliue, affumed thither. Thole that are liuing at the Latter Day,(hallfuddcnó ly be changed, after the dead are once riten. The Creatures alto, for our fake , (hall then be re- newed into a Glorious eftate , not fubied to Cora zuption. ..-...., A ...w. - k+a.i ®-;Ä_ -+

A TABLE OF ALL THE principali Points handled in this BoOKE. Thefirfi Dvoke. CHAP. I. He rope anddriftof theDeakinof Di.rnitie. £or, The Parts. OfGod, his Geeing Life, vnderflanding, andWill,Ho lineffe, Kindne j'e, Truth, lufi>ce, Mercie, Blefedn^f e, king. dome, Power, Glorie Wifedome , Infiniteneffe , finglenefe of Nature,Eternitie, Vnchwngeablenef e. 7 That there is but one God. 2,6 Of the Perfoss in God. z7 The dlßrnaion of Perfenr. 31 The three Perfors, and one God. 3 The incommunicableProperties,whereby theyare*ripped, The God-headof theSonate. 3 5 The God-beadof the holyGhoß. 53 CHAP. II. Ofthe Kingdomof God ,and the orderofadminifiration thereof. 6o 2, petition. Ofthe Decrees of God; the eternitie ,caufe,generalitieoftbefame. 6i CHAP. I1I. Of the Creation of all Things. The Matter, and Slimmer. Sixe Dales Worke. The perfeaionof the Creature. 75 The boline9e and bappinefe of the principall Creatures, Angels and Ofthe LaWofNature, 77 i.Petition. 64 72,73 74 A4 CHAP.

Petition. The Contents. . CHAP. IIII. OfGodsPri idence,exttndin<toallPerfonsand Zaions. Si. His fr e and ab¡ luee D fjren(aton. 94 The ineui. able neceffe:e ofthe exccuticn ofLis Counfels. Ica The end bothofCreation ,:nd Prouide ,-ce. 1o,) CH A P. V. Ofthebona:, due toGod, That his Will bedone. It Of theMardi Law, that teacheth toe Will ofGod , or theDuties tree owe veto bim. It 4 Fiue things ro cb the Lawof God generally re trireth , or whichare to concat re in euery'Dutic : I. 2 e doe all that is commanded. 114 2. To doewhatfeuerwe doe ,a4- twoGod. 114 3. That there bean Integritie, or right frameand dif'o/tirnofall the powers ofNature, both ofthe SeuleandBodie. 115 4. To doe it with the whole flrengthof thefe Powers, Sinceritie,Zeale, WatchfulnejJ'e, Diligence, andPerfeuerance. 128 S. To doe emery thing with fo much the greaterflrength, as the Dutie doth more excel'. 139 Thepropertiesof the MoritaLaw. 143 Rulesfor the vederfizndiugo f the Ten commandements. 145 The firfl Commandement. Of Luse, Retce'ence, Feare , Beleefe, Trufi, and Hope in God. OfPatience and Humilitie. Of Prayer, and other Seruces. 148 CHAP. VI. The (second Commandement. To worfhip God as bee bath appointed. Of Willwarfhip, Idolatrie, Superflition, &c. 159 CHAP. VII. The third Commandement. Of Reuerente inGodstvoyfhip, rrapara- tion, Attention, Meditation. Of Fafl.;71, and ofa holyFeafl. 16z CHAP. VIII. Thefourth Commandement. O ff t times inGodsSerdce, s 68 Of the Sabbath day. TheDutiesit requ reth,the day for it in the frfl` inflitution, theMoralite. 169 CHAP. IX. The fafaCommandement. 0fDuties to MagiAates,Mi0ers, Parrents, .Maflers , Husbands : andfrom them opine. 17 OfDuties to Equa!s. 186 The.due refpeli wee are to haue to our feltte3. ` 187. CHAP. X. The. AtCommandement. Of the Duties afMercie. 183 Of teelnes, Gentlencs,apeaceab!eds7?ofaton,puttingvpofw'rongs.191 Oft(indneire, : Pittyingand helping our Neigt>bour in Dijireffe, forgiuing Of {fences, ouercotnmingE;tïuwithGood. 194 CHAP.

The Contents. CHAP. XI. Thefeuenth"Commandement. OfchaJiitie, ofholy Marriage,r ecefl,and Polygamie. ofcontraCls,ofMatrimonie,ofVncleanneffe,Buggerie,Adul- terie, Fornication, Rape. OfModeftie andTemperance. 298 CHAP. XII. The eight Commandement. Of luft dealing,and the contrary ;Theft, OppreJon, Extertion,Vfurie, &c. 207 0fFrugalitie, Lberalitie, H fütalitie. 210 CHAP. XIII. The ninth commandement. OfPrudence, a righteous Sentence, Slam; Bering, Hearing fraies ,FlatteringandDiffembling. 222 . OfDeceit inBargayning, Buying andSelling, remouing, Bounds, f aredu lent with,holdingofGoods, Gaming, andotheronlan.full Trades. 224 Oftaking7 hingsin thebefipart, and the contraries,euillSe litons, and frnifler cenfures. 228 CHAP. XIIII. The tenth Commandement. Of 'Couetoufne,f , Selfe-loue, Enuiei. .arc. CHAP. XV.. O f theCouenant ofworkes. OfLifeanddeath. CHAP. XVI. Ofthe FallofAngels andMen. The reafonoftheir Fall.The timewhen they fell. 227 Special' to the Fall ofAngels. 7 heir.Sinnewhat it trac. The number that fell. Their CataneandRing-leader. 228 01 tree Dcui.'s Damnation in Hell.. The 7telea[e whichGodcloth [ome- timesgiue !hem ,and w!y. Of theirfull damnationin thelatter Days' Of theeleaAnges, thatdidnot fall. CHAP. XVII.. Speciall to the Fall ofMan. TheirSinne what it leas. TheActors that had a hand in it. 2.33 InAdam andEue, allMankinddidfall. 236 0fte'e torall CorruptionofMansNature. 237 O/ tI eCurfts ofthuLife. 243 0/the RemnantsofGods Image 243 Of theimlayre of thecreature.. 212, Of Mans Damnation. 252. 0ftheAbolitionoftbt Creature:. s 241 22L 2;0 2,32. 2,32, The Cournanx ofWorkes fer- uing (in this OUT corrupt e_ (late) not to iufife, but vs vitro Chriit.

Chrill,theend of the Law, whom the 3. la Petitions doe refpcEt etWeastMtstdiel$Wit:WA» THE CONTENTS OF THE Second Booke, CHAP. I. O F rbrifi, the end of the Law. Hcs Godhead , Humane Nature, the Vino;. of t.'trn it4io one I;etfon. and why all tbu was ne- cc0ár e. Fol.: 7 Of Chers Office4Media' 'on. ofhis Appointment and Call ng tf>ere- unto, tvl:en it began. 1ha' x. b. lo'tgetb towhole Chi to , and isaporo; riate unto himfor whom lice rake.h hsediation, and Iowan ais Meditation lyeth 2.78 ofGodsCouertnnt,the Endand Fmit : The is ttbß.:nce or Foundation . The Meades, cr Conrtt:oa The extea (2/the co,renant. /8; The e.ce11enceof thet.eurenantof Csraceabo,.e theCouwantofworkes. ofthe old and the Nero : ell meat. 30T OfPredeflination,b t)rLezi^nandNe^rohat'on. 283 Of the word!, tau pof ,P; e 'Vf narion,?t e¡c:ence, or Fore-know& :d;,e. Of thenumber of (ode Elea : the eau é, theftborainate :oteancs, the Eternitie and lmmutab;.i: te the cnaof Godspredeflinate D.-creel. CHAP.11. Of the Priefihoodcf Ck:r,jtl. tais Catl:ng thereunto. The eternitie ofit. Bee our onelr Pxeft. 311 Of the ranéiifrcatirnofLhrif s humane Nature. Sts OfChrifis righ!eoufnerfe or obedience. 314 Of his cufferi:gs. In what uture,atdwhat things befu4red. 31% OfSatufetaton How it uas, andrrbtx: Thefruit ofit. 3' 5 of thrillsRefurreä. on, Afcenf'on, Glorification. 326 Of his ¿ntercdion 33 Ci:IAP.III. . of the hjngdome of cbrst. sits caliexg, andiruf ngintn it the fruit of bis gouernment ofti eworld ingenerall. The lsrgenefof bit Pow r the gttalit cofAdminif1Nat. on : Ibefin tof ir. 334 CHAP. 1111. 'OfCI rigs Prophet'calloftce. 343 of bis Word. The áuchor, to Natter, theM.nfcr;áI1I4rdm"nrs: the,perfeflion of his DoU,ire. 34 S of the Prattle, and the Goffteil 147 Of the outward eburcir. Tbe Condetionofit ate bee !aka toerreur, ta

The Contents. tobe mingleddfgoodandbad. Thepriuiledgeofthe outwardChurch , and ofeuery ofemfter thereof. 348 Ofthe Sacraments. ;60 OfMinif ries. Preachingofthe !Ford : PublikePrayer : Adm.inioration ofthe Sacraments. ;66 O f the dimifierieofMen irlired : of a liuelyyo:ce : or the Scriptures : the trutb,holinfe, ruthoritie; perfetlionofthefame: andofMiracles. ;88 OfGracesfrrthedifcbarge o/ publke t uníícons. 377 Of knowledge. Ofa Talle of thefh+eetneffe ofcbr.ft : andoffane againfi theHoly- Ghoí1. 39 CHAP. V. Ofthe Churchvnder the Law. 387 O the Church in the time cfthe Gó.liell: of the Sacraments of the Nero Teflanent,, aptifine,and the Lords.supper. 391 C H A P. VI. Of't'.e chopehofGods .lefl. 3,94 OfFaih : The nature ofit : the pe Mons to whom it is appropriate : the- sautesprinci'a'; and 77. flrumentall : the drerogatiueof theFaithfull: the weakenf and c reesof it: the growth: that ât tteuercan be loti. the fruit and44 '1 it. 401 O fHope. 418, OfSight., 417 CHAP. VIL Ofa n6s17,01 . 419 Of the alteration of the Sabbath : for theDay, Name ,Timeof be.. ginning. 4z 5 Of&generation. of cbri,R the Head, and our vn'on with him: of the Surit of Adoption ? the lnfancie of Regeneration, and Mans e- pate. 417 CI-1-AP. VIII. Of Salnatiott. of remoouing the l/ayle ofIgnorance : ofryNome. Of fo liuenetfe :; . Signes: Imputationof 7tágbteoufneffey lufiij%ation. Ofmbrti icct on,andSallsfcation Ofimperpea Si 'Ttlificati on, and the degrees thereof Of the notes undmarkes cfSa,,naifecaiion. Of the Lwds Prayer. Of the Cbu'ch Militant Thy enemies wee fight aping : the two Ge- nerals of the Field the we.?Gons which both the enemies and wee fight »itball : the &o. le or Niajirie wee fight for : The ¡Pe of the can- OfRepentance. The Noies, or Signes: theFruit , axd whence wee baue tt. 4. Petition.. 5. Petition. z. Branchof tilt .6. Petition.; of:

941,17.024.,esec i.Branchof the 6.Pctitio1. The Contents. OfFalling. The outwardabßinrnçe : the end, and true v[e; the time ofkeepinga Faß : it is in the nature of aSabbath. Godsacceptation of our Horkes ,andhow. The reward dine veto thetti theyno whitmerit : the neeeffitieof doinggood Workes. Ofc !efliallHohnele, andof the Church l'riumpbant. OfRedemption. Ofthe Bleffedneffe ofGodschildren in this life. Ofthe fiate of the faithful! departed, . Ofthegeneral¢,Refurre&lien Khofhallrife :by what power,andinWhat f,t. Specialltbingstoucbing the refurreaionof theElea. Ofthe laß. lodgement. The perlons to be judged. The Iudge, cbrifn. af bù cómming to Iudgement : theplacefromwhence befhallcerne : thefignes and manner ofhis Cottoning. The Placewhere the Indgement (hallbe. Of the Sentence. The preparation toit : tbe order ofthe Sentence: the Sentene;itf ife : the Rea fn : theexecutionof the Sentence ; and the order of execution. Ofourtakingvf into Heauen ; and bywhat right we come thitber. 01our full Bleffedneffe. The root andfoundationof tbefame: theparts: the meafitre andquantitie: thedegrees of Glorie, and robence it growth : the eternitie. 0fcertaine that rofe vpon our Saviours Refurrel'tion. OfEnochand Elias. O f thefudden changeof thole64121116e alineat Chrißs coming? . Ofthe renewingof the Creatures. FINIS. 1MMIOMMIlie.. r--.._.. _®

THE FIRST BOOKS OF DIti'INITIE, OF GOD THE CREATOR. CHAP. I. Of GOD the FATHER, the SorNNsa and the Holy GH o s T. S all other Sciences'are commended by their end , and euery one e- fleemed fo much the more eminent as the end doth more excell;fo it is theworthypraife of the Doarine of Religi- on , which is the fame that wee call Diuinirie, that it looketh to fuch an end as is incompara- bly tnof to be defired, mofi to be loued and embraced ofvs; that is to fay, the glorie ofGod , á From; whom,, B 4nd Dixinitie h et .Doeirine ofglo- riffing Goci. a AIM 11.39. '9.

ThefirFt Booke o fDiuinitie, CH AP. I. And bywhom, and to whom, areall things : And whole glo. rie ought to be a thoufand-fold moredeare vnto vs then our liues, yea, then the faluation ofour foules. This therefore is the fcope and marke Herefies that thewholeDc6 rireofDiuinitie doth and dirc&ly ayme and (hoot at,and whereun- Errors, to theparts are all to bee referred , as to their latl and furthefl: endsfor albeit the feuerall Do6lrines haue their feuerall and proper vies , theLaw tohumble vs, the Gofpell to glue vs comfort in the Sauing health,that through faith is reached forth voto vs,Prcaching to beget Faith,the Sa- craments to flretigthen it,D ifcipline to re- tayne in the obedience thereof, and fo in the retl :yet the latl &vttermotl,the moil (pining and glorious end, whereunto not one,but euery part,& not the parts onely, but the whole body and frame of all ten- deth,is this,ofglorifyingGod.Which vril appeare mofl plainly, if wee examine all this Doettine point bypoint, and goe it throughout in order as it lyeth : As, i. The whole Treatife of the God- Atheifs that fay , There is noGod;whom not onely the Word of God, but all the Things crea- ted, efpecial_ ly this good- ly Frame and Work_manihip of the World, and euen their owne Confci ences fuffici. ently confute : fince they can- not hut fee andvnderf}and hereby , that there mull needs be Tome Diuine Power, beforeall, and aboue all, of whom there things were made, andby whom they aregouerned in fo wife and gracious fort, as the ApoRle teacheth, Roma. to. For bis inuifible Things, that is, his eternal PowerandGodhead, beingvnderflood bythe thingscreated, are cleerly feene by this Frame of the World, to the end that men mightbe vta- excufable. And therefore,thefe wretches that ftriue againft their Confcience, toput out focicare alight, which, will they, nill they fhitneth thus bright intheir eyes, are tobe left vnto themfelues, andGods iuft hand vpon them as utterly vnworthy to be dealt with byany further Arguments. Thewhole Doftrineof Poperie, which in all the points of theirReligion fpoyleth Godof his glorie : for, firft, InRead of thetraeblef ed God they let vp anldoll of theirowne braine,, one neither perfeftiy righteous, whichaccepteth an imperfeft fatisfaaìion;as whatfoeuer proceedeth from man(whom they will haue able to iatisfie for his owtae fins) mull of neceflïtie be;nor perfettly mercifull, ifhe donot freely for Bidefin, but receiveomepart ofrecompence at our hands, contrary to that ofEfay 43z5. jat,Ìormy fel fe,that is, freely formine owne mercy and glorie,dseaway iniquities. head

CHAPí. conceriting GoD. z. His in- comprehenfi- hie and incor- ruptible glo- rie, they tranf- forme into the image of a corruptible creature as the Apoi}le fpeaketh,Kom. T. z3. painting him out Some- times after the likencffe of an oldman,fomet times in one fhape fome- times in ano- thcr,as ifTime did wearehim, or , Age alter bim,who is the Eternitie of Brae], andne- uer changeth. 3. Their prayers toHee Saints .& Shee Saints, & An- gels ; which is a glorie proper untoGod,Pra. 50.15. call on me,and I will deliuer thee : fo fhzlt thouglori- lie mee. And 3 head , both of his Nature and Perlons, whereinbee fhineth fo glorious , that the glorie of GOD is often vfed in the Scrip- tures for his Perlon and Prefence. So b (Motes befeecheth him to caufe his glorie topaffe before him : And in c Ezeehiel,ths blefJedglorie ofI E H o V AH is faid in (lead of his glorious and bleffed pretence. 2. His Eternall Councels, whether of fauing thole he chufeth,or dearoying thole whom he reie&eth:whereofthe Wife man d teacheth,that he made allfor himfelfe, that d Prom. t6.t' is,to the praife ofhis glorie. As the Apof?le handling the fame Argument , doth ex- pound it, Ephefi.6. 3. The Creation ; which,if Men were as dumbe as Stones, would of it (elfe fuíf"i- ciently proclaime the glorie of the Crea- tor : And yet he that will fee it fo let forth, as men may learne to admire it, let him read the nineteenth `Pfalme, The Heauen, declare theglorieof God, and the Firmament fhewetbhie handl -wore, 4. His Workes ; whereof the e Pro_ phot cryeth out That he it exalted aboue the Eartb,yea aboue the Hearten! themfelues, in theglorie of the fame :Dwelling moll high, butyet looking moß low, both in Heassen and in Earth, railing thepoore out of the daft, the needie out of the dunghill, &c. as followéth in that Pfalme. b Erod.33;t8. c Ezech,, e Pfabtir;. 4,6,7 their bowing to Stockes and Stones , whereof the Lord faith , Efay 4z. S. will not glue my glorie to another , nor my praife to earned Imzges. 4. They teach that the predetinating as well of the Elea to life , as of the Reprobate to condemnation is for their wokes fore-frene which the Apoftle, xomanes 9. zz, z3. teweth ro bee of his owne free pleafure , to Phew forth the riches of his might and glorie, B 2 5. The