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-Nu CL-I A r3. concerning Creeition. 75 Secondly,TheAngels thole Creatures of x Light,the x :.cot. asd, Tenants and Inhabitants of the higheft Heauens, who in lob r are faid toAgate and fing forth theprayfes of Cod, y rob 33,7. when thole heauenly Bodies, the Sunte, the Moone, the Starres were made , as aRonifhed at the excellencie of their beautie. And therefore themfelues were before that time created. Thirdly,That vnfafhioned lumpe. Fourthly, Fire. Thefecond Day he made the Ayre. The third Day:FirÍ ,Waccr: Secondly, Earth:Thirdly, Graffe and Trees. The fourthDay,theSunne, the Moone, the Starres., The firth, Firtl, Fiches, Secondly, Birds. The Taft Day bee made, Firít, Beáfts, Secondly,Man and Woman. A flit and laic thing to be obferued in the Creation,is And was. ofË.e- that all the Creatures were made exceeding good, whe uery Creatural tiler you confider them tingly and apart , or all of then in :xecllencic of together. As fromGod, that is , goodnef a it felfe no- p rfcEtion, thing can come but abfolutely good.For the further fea ling vp of which Do6frirte , wee haue the teftimonie of God himfelfe,both in euery fpeciall:G'od%%n, the Licht, z Gen.1.4. that it wa good: and fo in the rent : and in the generali conclution ofa'I , God a looked upon all that hehad rnade, a Gen.s.3t, . andbehold, it wa-s exceeding..good. This goodt:effe in the Creatures generally , is the ex- cellencieofperfèaion , according to that their nature is capable of: for goodneffe in that place, is not to bee ta- ken ;as oppofite ynto,vice , and to that foule deformities which is a breachof the righteous LawofGad s but it noteth that perfe&ion and excellencie of eflate,that eue- ry Creature was framed in , according as his nature was fit awd able to receiue. Noweakneffe or infirmitie was then any where tobe feene. No corruption or decay,no. thing out offal/lc or ioynt fosas nowwee fee thewhole World