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CH A P. 3. concerning Creation. 79 Powers, as degrees of that their glory, which the difiun- c` iue particles , whether, and or it may well bee thought, doe import: and hither may bee drawne that ofPaul to the g Thefalonians,that the Lordhirnfelfefoa ll conedown: fromHeauen, with the voyce ofan Arch-anpell ; that is, of a chiefe and prirtcipall Angell. So was italto betweene Eue and Adano, I. Ìiixi..a. t 2, 13. To come therefore to the things wherein the happi. neffe ofthe Angels flood. Firfl , That they had the lone of G o D , there is no doubt, being his fonnes and the prime of his Creation. Secondly, In locali coniunRion they were moil fleece unto him ; beholding alwayes his face inHcaucn, Mat- thew 18. I o. Thirdly, For their Soueraigntie and Dominion , they are called h Thrones, i Principalities, Dominions, Geuern- ments, Chiefe k Princes, &c. Fourthly, For their Power, thename it felfe of Pòwer is giuen to them. And the m Prophet by name doth fet it forth,Tea Angels, mghtie inpower. And to the Thefa- /enians, n when the Lord term1471be revealedPow 11ea- Pan with his m9s1- mi,ifhtic Angels. The ilngelc, faith PE T E R, in power o and might greater then thefe. As if hee would fay, other manner of perlons : whereby hee doth infinuare their exceeding and incomparable power.. F.fc1y, For their Glory, what it is; that one place may fe.rue in flhad ofmaiay, where it is coupled wich the glo- ry of the. Father and the. Sonne. when the P Sonne of man'ballcome in the.glorie or hi?nfelfe and of his Father, and of the holy Angels. In the s fecond of Luke: , when the Angell of the Lord flood before the Shepheards,it is forth-with added , that theglorie of the Lord (bone rou .d dog them, Hither it maketh , that the Glor!e and Ma- idly which the Lord made to appeare in the face. of Ste- phen, for the daunting ofhis Aduerfaries ;is r refernòled to the, countenance of auAngell, Ira the \ ifion which g I.rhpjr, 4.t;®. h R0m.S.;3. I.Pet.3.2,1. Ilphe¡.' C0!.7,15. i Ez,hel:6.I z. k D,zn. t o.I3. 1 Rons.i.38. m P{al. IoS.zcs.: n a.Theff:i.19 o p Luke 9.26, q Lake z.9m r ,9as6.tS.