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124 Tiefill Booke ofDiuinitie, CHAP.5. y I,Pet,LI7< wages. And Peter doth exhort vs, Y Ifyee call him Father, which- voithoft re/ietl ofperform iuelgeth according to euer, Maasworkg,paffe the time ofyourdwellinghere inflare. The contrarie is carnali fecuritie , when a man runnethon in the hardneífeof his heart without repentance:fcrfo Sot. down loth there oppofe it:But he that bardenethhisbear', z .Korsi.z.S. fhall fall into exi!. z Thou, faith PA v L, after thine'hard- nef e, andheart that cannot repent, heapefl to thy felfe wrath A neut.2.9.I2. againi the day of Wrath. And a cii4ofes in Dessteronomie, Takeheed that therebe not any annongyou,that when he heel. reth the words ofthis curfe,bleffe him%ilfe in his mindPaying, Peace Mall be Tonto me, though I wake after the fatetafie of mine owne heart. So adding a drnrl en f nie toa thirflieone. LafCly , our whole body, and all the members ofit, ought holily to exprc{fe the inwardholineffeofour mind b I,cor..:o, and foule.bTe are bought with aprice:thereforeglorifie God c Rom.i z.I. inyour body,and inyourñirits,which are Gods:cprefentyour d Rom.6,i 9. bodies a liningSacrifice,boi andacceprable votoGod. d Gifu your membersfermatas voto Rightcoufneffe in Flolineffe. The e Leal.; 4, a vnnnarryedwoman careth for the things of the Lord , that _bee may bee holy both in body and in fpìrit. And the A- f you le E fpeaketh not onely ofthe fpriukling ofour hearts from an euill confcience, but of the wafting of the body , by the bloud of Chrifi, withcleanewater. For this caufe our H40104° Sauiour Chrif{ g (miming into the world , faith, Sacrifice and Oblation thou wouldeft noneof, but a body thouhailfit. tad for mee ; wherein toyeeld abfolute and perfeet obe- dience , that is better then all Sacrifice. The contrarie whereof , ms the dishonouring it defilingofour owne bodies ; whereof the Apoi}le fpeaketh, Rano.1.24. And the giuing ofour members feruants veto vncleaornef fe and to inigwitie,to eononoit iniguitie,Rotal.6.19.which is there oppefed to the former, ofgluing themfeluc vnto Righteoufne{fe in Ho- lineffe. In this part ofthe members ofour body, the fen- fes fzrVc are tobe acquainted with good things,efpecially the