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CHAP. I. 267 T H E SECOND BOOKE OF DIVINITIE, OF IMM ANVEL, GOD AND MAN, OVR REDEEMER. CHAP. I. Of CHRIST. haue hitherto left them in , Efore wee enter vpon this parr,becaufe Chriff (the fiabea it treateth of) a is the endof the Law, fomewhat would bee Paid as an induce- ment to the principal!, concerning the power, eflîcacie and vfe of the Law of Go D : for if filch bee the condition of all Mankind, as wee what (hall wee fay ? Is there S no This is the fumme of that Doeirire which we baue concer- ning G o D : The other Tot- fortieth, concer- ning I MM A-. NVEL, Ged With vs. a