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THE FIRST BOOKS OF DIti'INITIE, OF GOD THE CREATOR. CHAP. I. Of GOD the FATHER, the SorNNsa and the Holy GH o s T. S all other Sciences'are commended by their end , and euery one e- fleemed fo much the more eminent as the end doth more excell;fo it is theworthypraife of the Doarine of Religi- on , which is the fame that wee call Diuinirie, that it looketh to fuch an end as is incompara- bly tnof to be defired, mofi to be loued and embraced ofvs; that is to fay, the glorie ofGod , á From; whom,, B 4nd Dixinitie h et .Doeirine ofglo- riffing Goci. a AIM 11.39. '9.