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CHAP.I. concerntng G oD. how can being it felfe otherwife be, then of and from it felfe?Fifthlv,Being can neuer leauc to bc,norhaue begin.. ningof his Being , and therefore is eternall. Lafily, it is not pollble that any thing f'hould bee, whomBeing loth not make to bee. In briefe,God is being,life, vnderflan- ding,will,holine{'fe,happinef e,effentially,infinitcly,cter- nally , caufally, tohimfelfe and others. And fo loth the ..pofile at once expound all thofenames , whenhe faith, c For ofhim andby him, and to hint are all things. But this needeth forne larger explication. Therefore it f:hail not be amiffc, more particularly to deduce thefe things, and to (hew from point to point what this Being or Perfe5iiox doth include. In a word , it fheweth, that he bath all good and perfe& things in a moil perfeál and incommunicable manner,. The good andperfe& things I tieane areof two forts, f?irfl,thofe,without which the creature cannot be perfe6. Of which kind are thefe three : z A being which God is f Paid tohaue,that he maybe knowne to be a thing truely and indeed fubfifiing,and in that refpe& is oppofed,afwell to the imaginarle courfeof nature,which forne prophane men haue made a god,as to the Idols of the Gentiles , which the Scripture calleth g yes,hvanities, and i things of nothing, But principally he is laid to 73e,becaufe he bothbath his beingofhimfelfe, and giueth heingto all other things, and namely to his Word,afwell ofpromife,as of threatnin g,of iudgement, as ofmercy, which hee effe&eth and caufeth to come to paffe. This is it he meaneth,Exod.6.3.1 appearedindeed to ABRAFi AM,I S A C R and IA c o B,inthe Nigmeofthe mightyOrre,al fsafficient,hut by my ZTame IF. to oV An,wu I not l nowne ofttiem:That is,.I did not make mypromifes indeed exifl'into them,for otherwifeboth they knew the k Gen.i5.8. Name lehauab,kcalledvpon it,and 1 builr Altars to lsho- 1 Gen.13.i3.& r4ah, and he himfelfe m by that Name fealed vp the faith n .Ge.a.r5.7. and certaintie ofhis promifes. For this caufe it is, that in zs r3. Etechicl, threatningthe famine , the beafïs andother n 4.;.ech,5,17 plagues, e Rom.rr,a,C Signi&eth a nature, f Reue/.r.4. g Amos z.g, h,r. tt'j Ras 4.14. 7 C7auuo i I.Cor.8.4.