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The ftrf Evoke of Dirtinitie, CHAP.I nen, with a Writers Inke-horne by his fide (which was Chrifl: the Prieft, and Mcdiatour of his Church, foaling them to eternal) Life , by the Blondof the New Tetta- ment) being cómanded ofhis Father,tofill his fifts with coles of fire,from betweene the Cherubins , and to feat- ter it vpon the citie.Af1 one as he came and flood by the wheeles , one of the Cherubs (an Angell) wokeof the fire,and put it into his fills :prefl and readie to ferue him, m Zaci.r.9, tt as he was to obeyhis Father. In la Zacharie, theAngell n Perfe9% that fpake to tkeProphet , being the fame n Angeli that flood betweene the twoMyrrh-trees,called allo the man that flood betweene the Myrrh-trees , that it might bee known to be meant ofChrif}, takethofthe other Angels a reckoning and account oftheir dos:,gF.The fame Angel a Zach.2.3,4, in the "next Chapterbiddeth another Angell, that came faith to meet him, as it were,to know his pleafure what he woulcl commandhim, to runne and informe the Pro- phet of thole promifes which there hec maketh to his p Dan.8.16. Church. Sop Daniel hauing faene a great Vifion which he vnderflood not, heard the voice of a man, which was Chrift,calling ,and faying,G AB R I E L make this manvn- derffand thevifion. But in the times ofthe Gofpell, when the Propheticall Vifions were more cleere then vnder fhaddowes ofthe Law,this allo is more manifefl :For is g Rettel.i.Y. the very beginning of the Booke ofthe q Renelation, the things which Chritl receiued from his Father, he is laid, to hares font and ¡hewed them byhis Angel , to hisfermant r lokn.And in the r conclufion of the booke,againe, l bliss hawfent my Angel to teffifie theft things vntoyou.The eon- ( xemel.24,45, ference of which place, with f that which went imme. d lately before, The LordGodofthe holyProphets bathfens his Angel, toAm bis fermants the things which muff come to patfe/hortlly,neteth himout plainly to be that lehomah,Tbs t Matt.a8.i9. traeGod,which fpake by the holy Prophets,tWe are baptized Ails a.38.. intobis Name. A formeof fpeech,fignifying that we de. dicate andcorafecrate our felucs to him, as to our God and