Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

the caufes why dratiskards continte their f ?. i r 3 like filthy Cwine feeding greedily on fuck things as pleafe the appetite, neuer contdering that theydoe but at them- felues for the fhambles and !laughter. Secondly,becaufc fuch is their infidelity,that though they §.SEct.4. heare chore things , yet they beleeue them not, and beeing Thefecond conuiked, theyare not perlwaded : otherwife it is in9poflï- cite if infide- ble that reaConable creatures (hould be Cubie& to Cuch brui. ti(h folly,asto nourifh a needlc(feand fruitlef a vice, which is accompaniedwith fo innumerable mcfchiefs . Ifbut a com- mon friend doe warne vs not to drink in finch a cup, becaufe it is mixt withdeadly poifon ; though the cupwere ofgold, and the drinkemoll delicious yet who would tafle it : Ifa faithfull Phyfition fhould forbid vsto feed onCinch or fuch a difh,affuringvs vponhis approuedknowledge and certaine experience,that ifwe Bate of- it we (hall either lofeour wits,or fall into grieuous difeales, orindanger life it (ilk; what man is fo fen(uall in his appetite, that would beperfivaded for company fake,ortopleafehis pallet, to feed vpon it?But the Lordwho is a friend of friends, and aPhyfition of skill and Faithfulneire withoutcompare,hathForewarned vs to a- uoidc exceflïue drinking, becauCe it will bring vpon vs in- námcrableeuils,bothin our bodiesandfoules,temporal and fpirituall, in this lifeand the life to come; and hath plainely told vs,that howfoeuer thereare tweet potions in thegoing downe,yet we (hall finde them tobe deadly poifons in ope- ration; and notwithflandingall this, few are reclaimed from this vice,anthat becaulehowfocuertheygiue him the hea- ring,yet in truth theybeleeuehim not. La(}ly, they continue in this vice becaufe they haueCome § Seg. 5. figge- leauesof vaine excufes, whereby they indeuour to The third hide the vgly filthinefle of their (inne; partly defending it caufe is their as being tollerable, and partly extenuatingand excufing it, vaine twilit. as being light and venial(. Firf} they thinke themfelues Cuf The r. excwr, ficiently cleared from the finne ofdrunkennefrc,and acquit- becanle they tedofthepuniihtnent,becaule howfoeuer they drinke abun- arenot orier- dandy , yet fuch is the flrengthofthebraine,that they area- c dome eith y rrnc thou& bletobeare it without any great diflemperature and re- theydrieeke tame fliil the vieof their reafon,tnctuory, and al their other much. Q faculties