Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

rhiwee' ofdrxaricards ta&esr ow-dry. äa11 apoilafic fromChrifand his true religion. Againc,let there menknow that they horribly abufe the §.Sert.I t. Scriptures , when as they harten themfelues in their fumes Drunkards by the example ofthe faithfull,who haue fallen into the like; obufe the for the fpirit of God bath purpofcly recorded their flIps,to Scrittures. thew humaine frailty, that we tnaynot re(i vponourowne firength S and Gods infinite mercies in pardoning thefe groffe offencesofhis feruants,that thole, who through infir- mity fait into the like fiiones , may not dcfpaire ofhisgood ne%, but receiuefomerefrcfhtngfor their fainting foules. And finally ,that wee may bee (lirred vpwith more care to watchoucr our owne hearts , and tieing their falles who haue gonebeforevs may turne afidefrom there flippery pla- ces, or more warily looke toour owne footing, left wealfo flipping come to the like downc-fats . There is noPilot in his right wits , when bee Teeth íca-markes purpofcly let to giue warning of rockes, lands, and fhelues, whereupon o- thers haue made fhipwracke, will take occafion thereby to runne his (hipvpon them,but rather will imploy all his care and skil,that by auoiding them he maycfcape the famedan- ger ; let vs therefore follow the like pra&ife, and (icing there examplesare recorded for our learning, that heewho thin- r.Cor.roas kethbee doh!land , may take heedleft hee ía11; let themnot make vs more fecurcly to goe forward in our fnnes,but ra- ther moouevs toworke. out our jaluation withfeare & tren- dling,as theApo fileexhorteth,Phil.2.1 2. I 1 CHAP. IX. Thegreatneffe oftheirfsnnewhopurpofey ; make othersdrunke. , -- 1 Ndthus hauel not only fliewed the hainoul §. sea i j tyeffe ofthis fin ofdrtinkenneffe, but alfahaue The g, e.rrre/e ''sNti pulled away ft it fuchcoucringsofcxcufes, oftimake rne . r F An ynder whichmen labor tohide it,.&fo haue otter ssie . laid open the filthynakedne(ieofthis vice to of p,rpfe, t e pubiike viewsthat tnofe who are not addiaed thereunto may 1'