Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Tkegreettnes oftheir f nwhopurpofe. +sake othersdrink; s 2T óftheir poorebrethren,cannot wring from them one pony, for the reliefe oftheir extrearnewant,or fomuch as apecce ofbread to fatisfie their hunger and fuflaine their liues ; yet are they open handed andprodigallyliberall, in fpending their money tomake their neighbours drunke,that fo they maymake themfeluesmerry ha beholding their nakedneffe. But this will make a fearefull reckoning at the day ofiudge- tment, when God and their owne confciences lhall accule themof their graceleffe mifpending the Lords talents, by pinching the hungry topamper the full ; by with-holding drink from the thirf'y,tomakeothers drunkwith too great abundance; by denyinga peny to thepoore needy, vnleffe it be fquized out of them byauthority ; whereas they are willing prodigally to fpend (billings and pounds in thefe wicked abufes,which tend toGods difhonour, and the de- itru6ionof their neighbour. But howfoeuerthis is a high degree of fire, yet there are 5344; others in thefe wretched times, who climbe a flep higher some conypelf on this ladder of wickedneffe. For takingpicafure to feeo- others todraw. thers drunke, they doc not onely allure them to take more kennere. then they fhould,but alto force &conftraine them to drink more then theywould, urging it as amatter ofegregious wrong and fingular difgrace,which theywill byno meanes let pafa vnreuenged, if they will not anfwere them in their caroufes, So that in thefe finfull daies it is counted an inju- ry worthy not only ill words, but alfo wounds & flabs, if a man will not for companygrieuoufly fin again(' God, de- Broy his owne body and foule, and wilfully leapt intohell fire.But let fuck ruffiansknow,that this their behauiour is in teafon molt abfurd, outragioufly incurious to their neigh- Thegrzen,af_ bours, defperatewickedne11e againft God, and molt dam- ncJTe ofrhia stn, table to their owne bodies & foules.Forfirf' it is as abfurd- ly foólifh to compel' another to drinke as much as them- felues,whòbath neither the like appetite to receive it, nor flrength tobeare it,as toforce them to cate asmuch as the- felttes,theyhauing weakerfromackes andworfedifgef'ion; ontoreach as high,they beingoflower flatur° ; or to beare as rnuch,whenas they arc not comparable itf'rEgth,feeing R nature