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Horn the fornic atorfnneth againfGod. 141 flrength invucleane lulls, which is the feruice of finne and Satan ; but that we {hou id both in foule andbody do faith- full feruicevnto him our Lord and Creator,andwith al our power &might glorifie his name, who is the author ofour being. Seeing therefore fornicators rob God ofhis right, fpoile him ofhis glory,& as much as in themBeth, fruflrate , him of his end in their creation,and in (lead of feruing hi±n ferue his enemies,finne,Satan,andtheir owne lulls ; it is no nieruaile if the Lord honour himfelfe in their do ferued pu- nifhment, and glorifie his name by deflroying his owne workemanfhip, which is fo much degenerate from it firfl creation. Secondly,the fornicator finneth again(}God-the forme our §,SeEt.G. Sauiour andRedeemer: firfl,by robbing him ofthe right ofz.The fornica. our redemption ; for he bath giuen the'ineflirnsble price of for finnetba- his moll precious bloud to redeemevs out of the mmferable God the bondage offinneand Satan, to the end that beingdeliueredf öytgbi11',f wefhouldfernehim inholineffeandríghteoufneffe all the dies the right ofoirr ofour life; hebathbought vs with a moll precious price, to redemption. the end that becomminghis,and ceafing to be our own, we iIhould not any longer fulfill our own filthylufls,but deuote our felueswholly to the feruice of our gracious Redeemer, t.Cer.6,zo. and glorifie him byour holyobedfence,both inour bodies in our foules Nowwhat greater iniury canwe offer vnto our Sauiour,thenbeeing by fuch an ineflimable ranfome let at liberty,we fhould againereturne intoour txtiferable thral dóme,ándwithdrawing our felues from under the gracious gouernmént ofour Lord andMailer, yeeldobedience unto his arch-enemie the diuell, for the fulfilling and fatisfying ofour filthy lulls ? What greater difgrace can we offer veto him, then to fell our bodies and foulesvnto Satan, for the baleprice ofa momentary andbeaf}ly pleafure, which hee bath redeemed with the precious price of himfelfe ? For what is this but to make a mocke of his fufferings, and to tread vnder foot his molt holybloud, as an unholy thing of no value? Againe, the fornicatorwhoprofeffeth Chriflianity, fin- §.Se l.7.. neth againfil our Sauiour Chrifl, both as he is our husband T 3 and.