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§. SeEt.2: The fornicator Pined) privateami- Lab 3 r. 9, Hof4. Lo. a48 That theformicatorfnneth again, wholefociettcs. peruertuig Gods ordinance, dothcorrupt &pollute this ge- neratiue faculty, with his filthyTufts and impure affeelions: andCo poifoneth the itfue.and t}reames ofhumane Cocietics cuen in the very fountaine, and ouerturneth common hone. f}y,a chiefe ornament ofrttankind,in the roote. But that I may fpeake more .diftinótly, the fornicator fin_ neth again[} all focieties, both private and publhke; as 6rft again t particular families, both his owne, and hisneígh- bours,for hedefileth them with his filthyvncicanneffe, and tnaketh them liable toGods hcauy iudgetnents.Andwher. as they llhould bee tomany lithe Churches whereinGod is worfhipped and fettled , he turneth them into fecret times and polluted brothels; and fo hauing heat and fired them with the fire of his filthy lull, hehereby a!Co inflameth the fierce wrath ofGod, which (hall burne and confume them to their del}ru'ton.Asappeareth,Iob31.9,lfmyheart bath beendeceiuedbya woman, or if 1haue laidwait at thedoore of my neighbour,¿&. This is a wickedneffe to be condemned; yea this is afirewhichfhalldeuoure to deftruaion,andwhichfhall root-c out almine increafe. For although tfieymultiply their whoredomey,their feed Thal not be multiplied,bothbecaufe Gods curiepurfueth there vncleane coniunaions,according to that Hof.g.i 0.7heyfhaIlcommit adultery,andfhallnot in- creafe. With which agreeththe layingofthe fonof Slracb, chap.2 3,25, rhechildren ofthe harlotfhalinot take roote,d her branchesThal bringforth nofruit : Andalto becaufe by their often wtìordoms, they difable thernfelues for lawfull generation : for hauing lauifhly (owne their corne in arange fields,they haue nothing remainingbutchaff for their own foile.Or if theirfamily be incceafedby inch vncleanewhet- domes , they commonly prooue fireabrandsin thehoufe,& like Abimelech become wicked infruments, whichbring thewhole potterity to ruine and deflruaion. Secondly,they finne againa publike focieties, and that both the Church and Commonwealth . They finneagaina the Church,by hindringasmuch as in them lieth the propa- gation thereof; for whereas the Lord hsth ordained that the Church fhouldcbe increafed by an holy feed , borne in Eccleíi3.1g. i.udg 9.5. c§.Se51.3, Forvicatorsfin againft the church.