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4 That it is lawful! to take anoth inforcecafes. CHAP. IT. That it is lawful to take an oth contrary to thedoctrine of the cilfantchees and e4nabaptifs. Euertheleffe ,howfoeuer alawfull oth is the ordinance of God, & apart ofhis worship, tending to the aduancement of his glory,& to the furtheringof our own,& our .neigh- , hors good,yet the -Manichces ofold, & the Anahaptifl:s oflatter daies,haue firnply con-: deinned ai maner of fwearing both publike and private , as euil and vnlawful.But that this their opinion is falfe,hereti- call and wicked,it may euidently appcare by thefe reafons: Firff,becaufe a lawful! ot1i is a part ofGodsworffhip and fer= uice,which is exprefly commanded in his word. 'Forv\ here as in the third Commandementhee forb.iddeth to takehis name in vaineby vfuall or falle fwearing,there in the afhr- matiue part he inioyneth thatwe should vfe the holy name ofGód in a lawful! oth , for the letting forth of his glory: and thus this commandement is expounded by Mofesand the Prophets.So Deut.6.t 3.Thoufhaltfeare the Lord thy God andfertie him,and¡haltfweare by his name. AndDeut. to.2o. Efa. 65. t6. 11ethat'hall bleffein the earth,(hall bieffe himfelfe in the true God , andhe thatfweareth in theearth,fhall f veare icrem.4.4 by the true God. Iere.q.z.Thou shaltfirearethe Lord liueth,in trot h,in iudgement,and in righteoufneffe. Yea fo excellent and neceffary a part of Gods feruice is a lawful! oth,that fometimes it is put for his whole worship. pfal.63 Pfal.63..1 t. All thatfweare by himfhalreioyce before him,that is,all that wòrfhip'and ferne him So Efa. t 9.t 8. it is laid that the Egyptians f all f eake the language ofCanaan, andfhall swear' by theLord of hof'es'; that is, shall make profeflion of his true religion.And çhap.48. t .Hearo this O houfe oflatcob, whichfweareby oftheLord: that is,profefíc the. reli- gion ofthe trueGod. So that alawfuil oth is a finguIar p" art of his worship, which,. 11 S. Sea. t. That all maner offroearing is notcondemned. Deut.6.13. and t o.zo. Esa 65.16, Efa 19.18. and 48.1.