Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

207 A TREATISE VVHEREIN THE SILI OF BRIBERIE IS DISCOVERED and difplayed, that it maybe abhor- red and auoidcd. CHAp. I. Ofthe oecRf:on of this 7'reatife. . S there is great friendfhip,and an infcpa- rable leaguebetween corrupted nature, andall manner of firne whatfoeuer ; fo this inuiolable amitie doth no where moremanifefily appeare,then betweçne it,and the fins ofcouetoufneffe. Where- of it commeth to paffe, that whereas o- ther finnes, either lurke in corners , as beeing afhamed to fhew themfelues, or hang downe the head when they are difcouered & reprooued,felfe- guiltineffe taking from them all apology and excufe : there finnes of couetoufneffe arc partly focouered, and hidout of the fight of the offender with carnallloue, and partly fo gildedouer with glorious pretences,and as it were fenced in on all fides with excufes, which partiality maketh feeme impregnable; that they dare vaunt themfelues in openview,faand in their ovine defence, and with all audacious fore-head incounter all oppofers ; yeafuchfurepoffeflìon doe vices ofthis nature take ofthc hearts of men, and fo ftronglyare they backed with the multitude S.Sert.i. 7bat tbeFns of coaetoufnes are molt bard- Ij cure4.