Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

A TREATISE OF ANGER. !Wherein is [liewed the lawfull,lau- dable , andneceffary vfe of iuft andholy Anger, and what is required thercunto, AND AFTERWARDS IS DECLARED what corrupt and vniuft Anger is,the kinds,caufes, ofens, andproperties thereof together withthe preferuatiues and remedies, whereby it maybe either preuenred,or cu- red and expelled. By j oNN D O VVNAME Batcheler in Di- uinity,andTreacher o fGodsward. PRor..26. 31. He that is flow to Anger is better then the m:ghrieman: and hee that ruleth his owne minde, is better then het that winneth a City. 1..09:917.01it AT LONDON Imprinted by Fr. Hall and I. B. for c.Micbaeil Bal er,and are to be fold at his {hop in Pauls Church-yard,at the Pigne of theGreyhound. a . t 30