Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

FQ V RE TREATISES. TENDING TO DIS - SW'ADE ALL CHRISTIANS from foure no leífehainous then com. mon firmes; namely,theabufes ofSwea- ring, DrunkenneJ,Wheredome, and 'Bribery. WHEREIN THE GREATNESSE. and odioufneffeof thefevices is difcouered ; and themeanes and remedies ,whichmayeither preteruc,or weanc men from them, are propounded. WHEREUNTO IS ANNEXED aTrcatife of Anger. By LOHN D O VVN A ME Batcheler in Di- uanity,and PreAcher ofGodsword. ESAY 58.i, Crieaod(pare not-,lift vp thy voice like4 trumpet, andfhew my people their tranfgrefons , andto the houfeof Iacob their fnnes. Ar LONDON Imprintedby t; . Hai and I.B. for olltchaenTak!r,and arc tobe fold at his (hop in Pauls Church-yardtat the Eigne of the Greyhound! a -G z 3..