Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Exctlfaalleagedfor vainefrrearing,anfrered. 39 fwearing : forwhat finne will a man lcaue for God. fake , if hewill not lease this which is euery way vnprofitable , and manywales hurtful! ? And therefore we mayconclude with theApofile,that ifanyman amongff vsfeemeth religiatsc, ' refraineth not his tongue,hee deceiueth his oavne heart, religion is vaine. lam. I.26. Neither let them thinke that howfoeuer they excufe thetnfelues , Godwill haue them ex- Iam,r.2,4 cufed;feeing he bathplaincly told them,that they fhall glue an account for euery idle word , and therefore muchmore forvaine and impiousothes; and that wheja he commeth to iudge,he will pal e the fentence, not according to our fecret thoughts, but according toour words and workes. Matth. Mat.rz.s 1 2.37, By thy wars thou halt beeiußifaed,and by thywords thou'halt be condemned. Neitherlet them fuppofe that this excufe which would (cane friuolous and foolifh to a mortal man,wil goe for currant before the mofi wileand lull Judge ofheauenandearth Nowwhat Prince, hearing:himfelfea- bufed tohisface by the reprochful wordsofhis bale fubiec51, would admit o-t fuch an excufe, that whatfocuer hee fpokr with his mouth,yet he thought no ill in heart; andwill not, thinke we,thc Lordbeas jealous of his glory,which is molt dearcvnto him, as an earthlyKing ?or will lice in his iuffice acquite fuch offenders vpon fuch friuolous and vainpre- tences? Othersfhroudetheirfannevndertheexampleofthemul- titude, alleaging that it is the common culiome ofall , fomeT .4 be;rrxcufe fewonely excepted,who are but too fcrupulousabout euery a7Jfwer:dzvh. trifle ler fuch know, that after this manner they may pretend the excufeand countenance anymanner of wickedneffe ,feeing exampte!,f the ao cuflome is more common then to flue in fanne . Let them multitude. remember that God hath forbiddenvs to follow theexam- Exoá =3:z plc of a multitude in that which iseuill ; or to fafhionour feluesaccordingto theworld, whereofwe are but pilgrims, ifat leaf' we be inhabitants of theheaucnly Ierufalem ; that Chrifi hath chofen vs out of the world , not that we fhould dill inabrace the impious pracjfesof wicked worldlings,but that becomnìing his Difciples, we fhould follow bis word and holy exarnple,as our onely guides , Lc t them confider, that