Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

TO. E RIGHT HO- NORABLE, IoHrr, LORD HAR- RINGTON:, BARON O F EXTON, AND TO THE NOBLE AND VERTV- o>as LAD tE hiswife: I. D. witheth all in- cieafe.of grace,aiìd true honour this life, andeternall happinefeandGleffednef fe, in the life to corne.. F euer chère were atime ( Right Honourable ) wherein Gods Efigs8=. Miniflers fhouldcrie aloude, and lift vp theirvoice likea trumpet, to tel the peopleof their tranf. greflions,and the houfe of Tacot oftheir finites then furely it is mow in thefe ourdaies,and in this our land . For how- foeuer the light of the Gofpel bath for manyyeeres clearely fhined amongvs,fhewingvn to vs the wayof righteoufnefi'e, inwhich wewalkingmay 5 traîne vnto happineffe; and the manifold by-paths of errorand finne,to theend we mayauoid them and thoughwe haue had Gods faithfull Miuuiíiers,fometimcs piping vnto vs the fweettunes of the Gofpell,toallurevs vn- toholy obedience; and fometimes thundring out the dreadful found of Gods f'careful iudgerents due to