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r, 66 Ofethes impsfed, andhowforreforth they are lawfull, diatly boundhinnfclfcvnto God for the performance ofhis promife: and when he doth perforrne it, he is faid to per. forme his oth,not fomuch vnto men,asvntoGod himfclfc, } atth.533 as appearethMatth.5.33. And herein confiílethaplaicediE: ference bctwecnea tingle promife , and a promife confirmed by an lingk promife being onlymade vntoman,may bec lawfully releafed by his content vnto whom it is made : but a promife confirmed byothcannot be rcuerfed, becaufc it is not made to manalone, but to God alto ; whoonly bath authoritie to difpcnfc with fuch othcs as arc made vnto hrtn. §.SeEt. r 8. In the laGplace it may bedemanded, whether it be law. Whether it tee full to impofcan orb tobe takenby filch anone, as we think lamfiell to im- making noconfcicnce ofit , will not flick to fcrfwearehim- po(e an oth n gl- en fuch an one felfe,ifhe be put to i tip anfwcre by difiinclion, that it isalto. aowethinke gether vnlawfuJI fora private man to impofe vpon filch* wntforfvccare man anoth,for his ownegaineor private relpecI; bccaufc hirrle?fe. wee are bound to preferrc the glory of God, which by (uch an oth is impeached , and the faluation of ourneighbours foule,which hereby is indangered ; before any worldly gaine andaduantage. And confequently wee ought rather to lore anyworldlybenefit, then that by luchan othwe fhould fuf- fer did tobe dilhonoured , andour neighbour to lore him- feife o To this purpofe Auguftine fpeaketh : whofoeuer(faith bon; he)prouoketkanother tofwear,knowing t hat he tailfwearfall p,sstocat adiu l ,he wore then amurtherer; becaufe a murtherer ílleth rstionem, b t the body this the f uleyea twofoulesat once;his whomhee cit gum fal ü }', ii,ratrrrii,vincit prouoketh tofwear,endhis owne. 2)Deft thou know that to bee timlicielá, e. truthWhich thou affirmeft,and thatfalfowhich heauoucheth, axg de decoll. andyet vrgcft him tofwear ? Beholdhefweareth,forf eareth, 3aan.apt.(er, andperil' eth. Andwhat haft thoufoundhereby ?yea thouhaf! .To o. P Íh %l f Per- loft thy felfe,whowouldeft bee no otherwifefatirfledbut byhis irarÿs, defitruition,. And manother place : heelhat inforcetbone to J& e; fefio fwearmbomhe kyoweth willfwearefalfiy ;is a murtherer for perrravia into- he krlleth himfelfe with hisperiury,but the other thrafteth and. stir,¡ed 4 to ç hel eth. forward the hand ofthe felfe murtherer. snanetrninter - p f f f cí;nt : prelfit But yeta Magiilratemay lawfully put fuch an one to;his imprc f t. otb, if the execution of law and couric of iuficc doe fou rca guirc