Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

the deceit fulneffe of mans heart. quickniag and reviving vertue it it, that hee cannot but remember it,even in his more grievous falls,and with the Prophet,in the remembrance thereoffay, I trill rrez er forget thy precepts : for by them thou Pfal, sy'. q3. haft quic ned wee. I V.The joy of true Faith, is a more orderly,and 4 Vnreafoga- leifurely joy, it comes not all on the fudden,but u- blc haftinelfc. fually, by certaine fteppes and degrees,in this man ner. Firft, the beleever fees his owne finfull wret- chedneffe,clearly reprefented to his eies in the glafs ofthe Law, and thereupon agaft with fo fearefull a fight, he is in great diftreffe, feeling how bitter and burdenfome his fins are:for which being throughly pricked and perplexed in confcience, and knowing there is no remedy but faith in Chrift,he beginneth to hunger for Chrifts righteoufneffe, and for Faith to apprehend it, yawning in his delires, even like the dry and thirfty ground. This Faith when at length he hath got by many thong and loud cryes, lent up to the throne of Grace, he feeleth his mind calmed, and beginneth to rejoyce in the falvation of the Lord. An example of joy thus wrought, wee ' have in thofeConverts of Peter,who were firff pric- ACts L37.38. ked and wounded in Spirit, crying out to the Apo - 46' ;flies, for fome releefe; and then afterward,hearing I Lhe promifes , and receiving the Sacraments , they were replenifhed with the joy oftheholyGhoft.But the Temporaries joy come not fo slowly, but it prouteth forth like lonas Gourd fuddenly in one night.And therfore in the Parable it is faid, that the `teed in the ftony ground incontinentlyfprung forth. And in the expofition of the Parable, Chrift (ayes, G 3 that