Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deeeitfulnef e of Mens heart. comforts in great aboundance prefent themfelues; and their feruice, yet they are in his account but miferable comforters, no, for all them hee droupes, and hangs downe the head, & hangs vp his harps, re- membring the comforts of sien,and thofe Tweet fongs of lie naight,vvherwith God was once wont to fill, his mouth,he begins to think with himfelfe : O in what a happy cafe was I, vvhen I vvalked faithfully and with my God ! O the Tweet longs ofthe night, & heauenly infpirations of the Almighty ! O the gracious vifitations of the Spirit,and teachings ofthe rein es in the night feafon!How was I then fed with the bread of Angels, and feafted with the dain- tieft ofthofe heauenly delicates? Why then do I de- priue my felfe of all thefe comforts by mine owne negligence ? Why feturne I not againe to my good God, to enioy his heretofore tailed fweetneffe ? But now the T'eniporaries joy arifeth onely from a very flight and fuperficiall apprehenfion of the promjfes, onely from a Pipping ofthis wine in the mouth, and not from any operation therof at the heart:& there- fore his joy, as wee Ihewed, was greater in outward things then in fpirituall: and hence it comes to paffe, that when for the retaining of thefe temporali corn forts,he begins to fall,his fpiritual ioy, by this meanes once interrupted,quite dieth : for it was not of that force to leaue fo deepe an impreflion in his heart,; as that afterwards hee fhouldbe affected with the rei rnembrancé thereof, it fo- powerfulI a manner as thereby to bee raifed vp againe , to feeke the Lord afrefh by a yenned as of faith and repentance. But the by and comfort of the true beleeuer had- filch a quick-