Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

r. Cor. I3. PCglmc 131. The deceitfulneffe of mans heart. Chrift to (peak, and doe as children ; and as D, yid Cpeaketh in another carafe, not to undertake or ven- ture on things too high for them; rather to imitate Pythagoras Schollers,of whom the beft and molt to- wardly were to hold their peace for the two firft yeares, and not before thus throughly ripened, to (hew themfelves. Then may they have joy as, of other of their gifts, fo of thefe joyes and feelings which now wefpeak of. But the Temporaries rejoy- cing is not good. Though God give him Come rafts and feelings, yet they are not as any earneft of a greater payment to follow, foas they are to the E- leû, even the firft fruits,promifing an ample harveft but only a fay of precious wares, which oftentimes is given to chapï ien that never buy,& purebafe the whole: for this joy wanteth both fncerity, being defiled , fulnelli being flight and defe&ive, firength being faint and feeble, moderation being unfeafona- ble, forward and hafty. And eherfore,though a kind of Spiritual! joy, yet for this deceit, deferveth the fame check wherewith Salomon rebuketh the carnall,rhol art mad, what is it that thou doe i ? CHAP.