Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfidneffi of mans heart. OAMMAMAAPMAMAAMA CHAPE V I. of the deceit of thc Temporary beleavers forrowes and de/res. H E deceits that are in the Temporaries Faith thus opened wee come in thenext place to fpeak of his deceits in the matter of Repentance. Where it cannot be denied,but that he may goe very farre in the probable refemblance of Repentance; infomuch as he himfelfe, as well as others, may think he hath in truth repented. To examine this more particularly, in the particulars of Repentance, and firft in that which is inWard and then in that which is outward therein. t. For the inward praCtice ofgepent ance there are two fpeciall things wherein he deceivethhimfelfe, Sorrow Delia. The former refpeeting time paft the latter, time prefent, and to come. a. For hisfrrow, he is wondrous wide, hee fee- leth no doubt, oftentimes fame remorfe,the pricks and flings of an accufing confcience, as it were the arrowes of the Almighty flicking in his ribbes : and hereupon concludes he hath his part in godly far- row. But exceeding falfly, 7 and deceitfully : For who fede greater gripes, and pan ges of upbray- ding , and vexing confciences, than doe the Di- veils themfelves and the moft defperate Repro- bates? So that if this reafon were good, they alfo fhould have godly forrow. Indeed there compu n- 1 &ions of heart, the fe horrours, and terrours, in the Elea His repen- tance r Inward, in his Sorrow. Proved fare.