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No`?:Attic. I .7. I03 . 8.9. THE EPISTLE fpeak of many of our new writers, as Cellist/ fake once of a good (peed; that Favorinw made? Nonne, faith he, fiid Anti/lhenes aut Diogenes dixift, digruan memoria vifum eft? If Diogenes or eAntirthenes had but fpoken that which Favorinus did , the fpeech had gone for halfe an Oracle : now happily the more refpecc}ieffe, bccaufe from Favorintu, that was inferiour it may be in nothing to Di- agenes,but in t }anding. How many worthy modern Wri- ters among(} us are negl: &ed, onely brcaufe moderne? Nonne f hac Augu Isnus, nut bryfo/lomus, 6.c. Had but ef?ugrofbine or ChryfFome, or fume ancient Father wrote them, how had they been admired , now neglkd}ed onely becaufe asBildad(peaks, they are but of yefferdayes? Moil mens judgment ofWriters is the fame that of wine, Led e S. 39,The ofd is better: And yet oftentimes the old is hard and tart, and nearer Vinegar than Wine, when the new is tweet and pleafant. How many works of forne of the Fa- thers, which have little worth die in them befm des antiqui- ty, and the crcd ¡tof an ancient Fathers name? how would wevilifiethof fame things in new, which we fo magnifie in old Writers ? I fpeak it not to derogate ought from the worth ofthofe ancient Worthies and reverend ',ages (I give them all due reverence and refped}) but onely to meet with that fond humour, which meafures worth onely by 'age , as if nothing could bec good, but that which is old ; and i from ä mean conceit of writers,perfons known , are rea- dy to prejudge their works unread and unknown. But as for your Ladithip; I perfwade my felfe, that your knowledge ofthe Authors perfon , parts, and endowments wherewithal] God had graced him, will bee the greater meanes to winyour, Honourable acceptance of this work, And fo much the rather doe I prefurne upon your Ladithips favour herein,becaufe whin} this Author lived (out ofa love to his graces, and honourabledifpotition) he intended this Work to have been honoured by the patronage of your worthy and right noble Brother , who now aIo together with this Author, is at ref}, tinging heavenly Hal- lelujahs