Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

DEDICATORIE. ufe in ourpra6life, that it may ea_fily perfwade any, both to read,and like it,It containes the right fi4)1i' MOM', the art of 'knowing a mans felfe; it difcovers unto us the infinitely in- tricate windings, and turnings of the dark Labyrinths of mans heart.Indeed oftentimes the difcoveries ofcoufenages, and deceits in the world, make many, before honeftly ig- norant, to turne coufeners and deceivers : But here needs no fuch feare, for here we are taught no new deceit or cou- fening tricks , which yet wee pracuife not, but rather are convinced ofthat coufenage , with which wee deceive our own foules , and yet will not bee born down to be guilty of itnpofture.This point is worthyour beff wics,and know- ledge. That Heathen Philofopher never thought himfelfe to begin to know Philofophy, till he began to know him- felfe : But furely we never begin to know Divinitie or Re- ligion , till we come to know our (elves : our felves we can- not know, till we know our hearts. l but our hearts are de- ceitful] above all things; who can know them ? They who with diligence (hall perufe this prefent Treatife , (hall with Gods blefling be able in force good meafure to know them. Here fhall they find that dangerous Artof S'elfe- Sophrifly difplaycd, by which, millions of foules are inwrappcd in the fnares of Sathan : And fo by feeing their felfe.decdt fhall come totheirfelfe- knowledge. A knowledge never more negleaed. Vt nemo in fife tent& defcendere, nemo. Men care not for knowing themfelves, who are oftentimes too too curioufly greedy of knowing all things elfe; Being herein like tofoolifh travellers, that love to travell into and talk ofother f+range countreys, ((rangers in the meane time, in the rarities , fecrets and wonders of their own. As for the Art, and manner of handling this argument in this Treatife , I leave it to the Readers judgement, adventuring notwithftanding my felfe to fay thus much, that had this Treatife but age and antiquity anfwerable to the fufficicn- cie, it (hould eafily finde anfwerable acceptance. Nothing prejudices Writers more than either mens knowledge of theirperfons , or their want of Antiquity. May not a man A 4 Ipeak