Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

rob The deceitfulnel(e of mans heart. P(aL-n.9.101. De verbo. Apof. firm. Zr . t.upus vent ad ovile, oves querit invadere, jugu- lare, devorare : vigilara Paffo. res, latrant ca- nes , niai pote - rit, non aufert, non oce dit : red tara en ,lupus venit,lupus re. dit. Nunquid quia ovem non talit ideo lupus ven' t,& ovis redit' !qua ve- rt, red t tre- mens, lupus efl tarnen & fre- mens e tre- mens. proceed e from the hatred of (inne, and from tht love of Gods Law forbidding none, as D avid, did_ l have refraited (faith hee) from every evill way; kit why did he fo ?upon what ground ?to what end ?That r might keep thy ward. It was that love of the Law which he had fo pathetically a little before profcf fed, al.) how love I thy Law ! this was it that made him to refraine from (inne, his alredion toward the Word : and this was that he propounded to him - !elfe. in abfiaining from finned in difpleafing hii own corruption to pleafe the Law, to obey the law. The wale ( faith dtrfien) comes to the (beep fold, "with a purpofe to kill and eat : But the fheep- " herds they watch , the dogs they bark, he can " doe nothing, he cakes away nothing, he kils no- t` thing: Yet as he cornes,fo he noes away,a Wolfe. .` What, becaufe hee worried and took away no t` fheep, therefore was be a wolle only in his com- `ming, and a ¡beep in his returning ? No , the ` Wolfe comes furious, returnes fearefull, and yet " a Wolfe as well in his feare, as in his fury. And fo are many as wicked in their fearefull abitaining from (inne, as in their bold and furious committing of (inne : Some alto are difabled by age, and yet it doth them good to remember their former wic- kednefï'e, and to encourage others to the fame. if are leaving ofthe outward a& were enough, then there alto were reformed. Others allo furceafefrom tome (inne, becaufe a contrary vice bath got the rule and poffellion of them ; as when the prodigal) man becomes covetous : Is there any truc reforma- tion of prodigality ? Others againe are interrup- ted