Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfislnef of Maw heart. thole allo that in their Sacrifices for health did rio- totifly banquet againíi health ; for while they pray a:Fainft, they play and fport themfelves in their finnes. Now, for that which is real! in the outward pra- &ire ofrepentance ; narnely,the reformation of life, r,he Tenzpor ary alto may feeme to attaine hereunto: for in the Golpel the unclean fpirit is laid co be call Iola of him, which is to be underftood, in regard of outward reformation of his life , in that he leaveth his former fcandalous cou.fes of drunkenneffe, unclenneffe, (wearing , lying, open contempt of holy things, &c.. and co:`,formeth himfelîe to Come more faber and civili carriage. But yet this reforma- tion is deceitfnli,or elfe the unclean 1piric could not to eafily re -enter with pun worfe fpiritsthanhinífelj into the parrie thus reformed , to that his later end fho.rldbecome rcorfe than his beginning. Now the de- ceit here is this,that our Temporary raketh his out- ward abfli.nence from finne for true reformation which unlefle it proceed from the inward forîîking is nought worth. There muft be abhorring of (inne,. as well asabflainingiloatking as wel as leaving, in true reformation.. A thiefe when he is manacled can- not fteale, bee abffiaines outwardly : and yet hap- ly bath a thievifla minde ílill : And a chained Lyon though he abfiaine from devouring, yet bee bath his lionifh natureíliii; he bath not left that. Many leave their ffnnes in like manlier, beiis; rctrained by feare,fhame, rod !Lich like ref eCe. Their hearts flill delight, and tickle thernCelves in the Thought: !of thole finnes.. But true rr fo.rrna,tion of finne mull proceed 10 i In deeds, Reformation of life. Matth.ta, Proved de- c: itf1tll.