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Ito The deceitfsrdneffe of Mans heart. evils, though the outward a& of evil' be foreborne. Therfore when the godly are defcribed by abftain- ing from evil' , withal' the true ground of theirab- fiainiog is let down : as Ecclef.9.2 . When the wic- ked man is let out to be a (wearer, the godly man ' by way ofoppoficion) is laid , not (imply not to fweare , but to feare an oath : to thew that wicked men may refraine (wearing but not out ofany fear of Gods Commandement. This is proper only to the godly : So Prov. r 5.27. the godly are fct out, not limply by their not receiving gifts, but by ha ting of gifts; to thew , that therefore they receive Rot with their hand, becaufe they hate them with their heart. CISEMMISEZEIELISIUMETAZUREMElitS CHAP.VIII, of the deceit fitlnef of the Temporarier obedience. E have examined the two former grounds, whereupon the Temporary buildeth his o- pinion of himfelfe to be the child of God, and difcovered the deceitfulnes ofthem both,name- ly, his Faith and Repentance : It remaineth that wee aiould doe the like to his third ground; namely, his obedience, and difmiffehi.m. obedience is twofold; AF.dive, in doing that which God commandeth : Pave, in fuffering that which God inflitleth. And the temporary may femme to have both thefe. z . F Aâive , the Temporary Believer may goe farre. ri ;, His obedi- ence. r, Aive,dif covered,