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The deceitfulnn of Mans heart, I II fare. There is no outward good work , which a true believer can doe, but the Temporary may doe it allo, and that in outward appearance with as great fpirit and zeal; as the true believer : as in Iehu, who did not only execute Gods judge- ments upon Ahab, and his houle, and deftroyed Baal, and his Priefts, but did this (as others and himfelfe though) with great zeale, and in the heat of godly indignation ; fo that to the outward eye , little difference between the fpirit of Ichs in his r°e- formation,and of loffah in hit. So Herodreveren- Mark.ó.ao. ced Iohn, and did many things in obedience to his doctrine. So likewife did Saul reverence Samuel fhe- s Sam. ¡3.ìo: wing great humility in hiding himfelfe, when to be r Sam.ic.ZZ. King; and after he was King great zeale and con- L Sam.r1.6,7. rage in revenging the caule ofthole of labefh againft Sam 13. &,4. Nahafh, in fighting the battels of the Lord again(} t the Philiftims, and in deftroying of Witches; great 's'3 mercy allo, and moderation, in (paring and for gi- ving thole wicked people that defpifed him, &c. Yet for all this, his end was fearefull , God took a t.Sam.7.,3, ray his mercy from him. And therefore the obedi- ence that feemeth to be in this kinde ofmen, is de- ceitful] : elle God would not, as he threatneth by the Prophet, blot it out, who according to Nehemi- Ez h ,2 Q4. ahs prayer, wipes not out any of the good fervices Nehem 13.1. ofhis children. . That this deceitfulnefl'e may the better appearea By the Notes let us examine our Temporaries obedience by the oftr"eobedi. notes of true obedience , which are fpecially three ence. Siseerity, Vniver fality, and, a filled CorJtancie. I Sincerity, when all bafe and by refpeis laid a- Sincerity. fee