Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

rp.:13. THE EPISTLE tears? without lamentation? I think I may boldly fpeak it, that never any of his place, and of his yeers,left more heavie hearts behinde him than he had done. Thefe aremiferable i griefes indeed, when others finde matter of joy in the mat- ter of our griefe, and laugh at our teares ; but then may we grieve comfortably, when we fee others joyne with us, and take to heart our lofires, as well as our felves. I would willingly both enlarge his commendation, and our griefe, but thefe require rather a volumne than an Epi -,. Elie. And I may fpeak of him, as cilugujineof another, Ilia quidem anima infocietate fidelitem& caftarum recepta, laudes ncc carat necquarit humanas, imitationem tantum quarit: He delires more the imitation than commendation of his ver- tues ; and the imitation rather of his life, then a lamenta- tion for his death. Yet may I not altogether paffe over in filence his holy and religious courfe ; which was, to keep a Catalogue or diary of his fins againft God : and every night, or the next morning , to review the faults of the day pall : Every Sabboth morning, or night before, to review the faults of the whole week : and at the end of every moneth or fervey the whole months tranfgreffion. This did he daily, weekly, and monthly, thereby the better to humble himfelfe for his fins,and renew his praetife of repentance. And the day be- fore the receiving of the holy Sacrament, did alwayes ufe to 1 humble himfelf before the Lord with failing,prayer,&con- 1 feflìon , thereby the better to prepare himfelfe for the more worthy & comfortable receiving of the holy Communion. I fay nothing of his religious observation of the Sabbath by himfelfe alone, and with his people about him, both be- fore and after thepublike Exercifes, in meditation, reading, prayer,and repetition s.His carefullexpenfe of time,his kee- ping offethouresofLindy. Thus did he with good Jofiah, j while hee was yet a child, Peek, the Lord : By meanes of which his holy and confi ant courfe in feeking the Lord, in few yeeres he became wifer than his ancients and teachers, and preserved his young yeeres in great honour and reputa- tion,