Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

DEDICATOIZIE. Lion, free from all the blemifhes and Haines ofyouth , nòt. withfcanding the manifold occafions to the contrary in re. Bard of his place and condition. Thetruth is, the world w s not worthy of him : His vertues and his graces were fitter for heaven, than this impure earth. Let us now that are behinde, turn ourgriefeinto care ; let our care be to follow thofe holy Reps he hath trod before us. True it is you can never recover his perfon, his graces you may : The griefe will bee the lefïe for the loffe of his perfon , if you snake a recovery of his graces. While(} his fpirit is doubled upon your Honour,and his graces fhall fur - vive in your religious imitation, fo long We fhall count him living in your (elfe. And now right Honourable, I intreat you by the love that you bare to this Author, and by the love that you bare to his honourable Patrons, your deceafed Father and Bro. ther (both now glorified Saints) totell:ifie your love to this Author by your honourable and favourable acceptance of this work. May your Ladifhip but pleafe to vouchfafe the reading, and diligent perufall thereof, and I dare prefume upon as much. Thus as I have railed this to light, fo I commend it to yourHonours patronage and protc6tion : and your Honour to the patronage and prote6ion of the Lord fefut. May C. Epping in erex. Tour Honours in all fervice, JER. DYKE.