Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfishef of Mans heart. mine own heart cloth not condemne mee, and yet I dare not be over -bold in bearing out my Celle upon this judgement : this fentence of mine owne heart will not juflifie me, much deceit may be hid - den therein. God, that is farre greater than our hearts, fees that in them which they fee not them- {-elves : G ood reafon haft thou then,my brother,to miflruft the judgement of thine own heart, concer- ning thy Celle , and thofe fo peremptory Centences which it cauCeth thy mouth to utter , that i fehere were but one min to bee Caved, thou art the man. O how many fleepers are there, that dreame this dreame of a firong affurance oftheir falvation, that both live and die in this dreame, and Co goe down merrily into hell ! where their pains frill be greater, by how much their expe&atioa of them , through the deceitfulnefi'e of their heares,was the leffe. Isis not pain enough to be in hell, but they mull need, . encreafe the paine by this wicked and wilful] f lfè deceiving ? Have wee then our Bares in our heads, and mark we well the voyce of there our heart3, when they fuggefl fecretly unto us;thou art in good cafe, the childe of God, the beloved of God. Con- fider we whether our own hearts may not flitter us, whether the Devil may not delude us. Kell we not in our own. heartsvoyc , neither accept we the de- ceitful! applaule thereof; but as once lufhuah;feeing the Angell examined him., 'ire thou on our fde.or ON our adverfarier? fo doe we,hearing there words, try them whence they are :-for the Eare,faith Elihu,try- eth words : as the outward words of oche mens mouths,Io the inward words of our own hearts. Say then I27 =