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z 2 Prov.3o. . The deceitlrlaefe of Mans heart. God, prove me, namely, whether I deceive not my felfe in thinking I have more zeale, than indeed I have : of the two deceits, it is the better and fafer to under -value our felves ; and with him that laid, ! aus not a man,! have not the t nderflanding of a man in me, to think our felves rather worfe than any whit bet- ter than in truth we be. WEETSMEREGEMLITSE3 CHAP. X. The of ofthefirfi head oft he hearts deceitftelnef ,or an earnefi exhortation to try our felves, whether we have over -taken the Temporary. Itherto ofthe deceitfulneffe of the heart in judging of our perlons : It remaineth to fpeak ofthe deceítfùlneffe in judging of our evlc / ions : but firft we muff confider what ufe we are to make of the former. The fpeciall ufe is that of the Apoftle, Try your felves, examineyourfelves whether ye are in the faith or no :our hearts would make us believe wee were thus and thus; but the Scripture hach difcovercd our hearts unto us for noble impofters and decei- vers. Now, who is there that would eafily be- lieve a known deceiver? Nay', as h fareth with Inch that often deceive by (peaking falfely , that they cannot bee credited of us , when they fpeak truly ; the like fufpition and jealoufie fhould we have thefe falle hearts in , even then when they give in right judgement. I piow nothing by my felfe , faith Paul mine z Cor.13.5< rr Cor4:4.