Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfularefJe of magyar heart. and humble thy Celle with .41)4 to confefte thy fins and de fire the prayers of Gods children,with Phara- oh,to be affeered with joy in hearing the word , and praáife of many things wi h Herod, to be zealous again fi fin with lehu, to lofe Come part ofthy goods with Ananias,to forfake the world,and all thy hopes there, and to follow poor Chrift with lidos , Demas and others;much leffe to venture thy life with Alex. adder the copper -fmith in cleaving to the truth ?may filch as chete be wicked reprobates, & yet wilt thou pleale thy feefe in a fade conceit of thine own hap- pin tire, who commeft far further behind them then -hey do behind true Chriftians? For unto one ofthis rank, our Saviour faith, Thou art azot farrefrom the kingdom ofheaven : but to thee it cannot be laid that thou art not far from ¡chu,ludas,saul,Nicolas,Alex- ander,and other fuck like temporaries;for they,fome of them efpecially, had many notable graces, fo that Nickolas was chofen Deacon by the Church,for that reverend refpea they had of his gifts : Was was an Apoftle, and couldboth pray and preach with great zeale; generally the common fort of them may bee inw.,rdiy affe &ed in prayer,conference, bearing the word, feele many good motions, tafte of the pow- ers ofthe life to come, feele force relish in the pro- miles, tremble at the threarnings, reforme all out- ward corruptions afire, as we have already (hewed. And thou that makeft thy feefe fo fure of heaven art haply a de`fpifer of the word and prayer, a fenfe- lefl'e block, that never feeleff the leafl glimpse ofa- ny fpirituall motion, a muddy worldling, that canft not raise up thy fpirit out of the muck ofthe earth , K into 129 i