Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

tale of Mans hem. Into the heavens, to conceive any one pure or refi. _. \ I so The deceitfu { aced thought. Why then haft not thou the wit thus I to think with thy felfe? What? chofe that are Saints I and Angels in regard of me, are they yet deceived in ju_'ging themfelves to be in ffateoffalvation ?how groffe then is my errour, in being thus conc ited of my felfe? If fame that have jouruied in the wilder - nefl-e to Kadefh- barnea,{halI yet never enter into Gods refs, fhall thole that never left Egypt ? 1 s the Bony ground reprobate ground, and can the high -way ground be good ? As long then as thou art cafe behind the Tempo- rary, thou art mniCerably deceived, if thou thinkeft well ofthy felfe: So alto art thou, though thou haft attained unto him,unlefVe withal] thou outffrip hint, attaining to that which no Temporary, as long as a Temporary, either is or can bee. O thou wilt fay what's that? Anf. I have already (hewed it in the de- teÇtion of the particular deceits of the Temporarie, yet thusmuch may be added. The chiefe difference Where'll the our Saviour in the Parable makech betwixt the true chiiftiatt belt, of the other grounds, and the good,is this; *hat chofe only fignified by the good ground, had good and honefi hearts : for the flossy and thorny hearts brought forth fruit, but they wanted the fame good and honefi hearts, and in ffead thereof, had either a ftony, or thorny : fee then what it is wherein the true Chriftian excelleth the Temporary, namely, the good and tiehonefi heart,. The horsefly of the heart is co be referred to the intents it bath in the doing of particular anions : fb that is an honeft heart which aymes at the right iathat the loth : the goodneffe of the goes beyond the unfound. Luke 8.15.