Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

114, ' The deeeitf rlrteffe ofMatt heart. I than the common fort of the world, who know not what thefe feelings mease, that being the Crony, or thorny ground, thou art neerer to the nature of the good ground, than the hip,h.way ground:but what? becaufe thou art come thus far in the way,v lit thou goe no further? doefr thou therefore think fay felfe well enough ? no, as our Saviorar Paid to the your man, fo fay 1 to thee ; One thing is yet zranting this .fame good and mortified heart. There lies in thee forne leaven ofhypocrifie,that mull needs bepurged out;fome root of bitternes, that mufr needs be wee., ded up; fume thornes ofcovetoufneffe, pride,vaine glory, that mull needs bee cut down. Loe, my bro- ther, thou arc come out of Egypt , thou haft gone a great way in the wilderne ire, thou art not now far from Canaan, thou arc come even to the very next borders s two or three {irides more would fet thee in the land it felfe : Wilt thou now foolishly mock thy Celle to think thy felfe in Canaan,becau(le thou art on mount Nebo, within fight of it, and fo goe no further? Wilt thou thus lofe all thy other labour and gavel! ? haft thou done CO many things, frr f êred fo many things in vain? haft thou therefore prayed, preached, heard, read, conferred, failed, and fuffe- red the taunts of the wicked all this while for no o- ther end but to goe to hell together with them? Oh take a little pairies more ! thou haft many goodly graces, and they make thee to Chine as a goodly and beautiful! Temple of the Holy Ghofl ; Onely one thing is wanting ;there is Come errour in the founda- tion. E doubt me, it is Candy, thou mull needs digge a little deeper : get a little more humilitie of fpiric , Make so,s7. Galath,3 01. and