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The deceitfNlnefe of mani heart. j33 any one reigning fin : For r ghc well he doth know whatfoever good we conceive of our felves, we do but deceive our (elves; we are ftill,as it is Paid of Si- won Map' the gall of bitterneff ,and in the bond of Aas s: iniquitie. It Rands us in hand therefore throughly to gage thefe deep hearts, even to the bottome,and to cry with amid, Tryme,0 Lord, prove nree, whether PfaLjig.a3. there be any way of wic e. dnef in /nee. I f there bee a home in thy foot, thou canft goe but haltingly: if any inordinate loft or delire be ingrafted into thy affeecions, though with 1tgrippa thou mail be much moved with the preaching of the word, yet with him, thou art but an halfe and halting Chriftian. Doth the love of worldly honour, pomp, pray fe,and profit prevaile in thee I then know (thou fpirituall adulterer,or adultereffe) that the love oft he world is Iames4.4. enmity with God, and that in whom the love of this I Iolhn L. world is in him drrelleth not the love of the Father.Ne.. verchenbleffethy foule in any of thy good delires, or affe Lions. How canft thou believe when thou fee4eft Iohn S. glory ofrienand not ofGod? faith our Saviour : never cell me that thou burneft in holy feelings, aslongas thou burnett no otherwife than the bufh,which bur - ned,buc confumed not : as long as the inward cor- ruption ofchy heart remaines unwafted;for all thefe burnings, thou m.yeti burn in hell for ever. Reft Fxod.Z. not then in thy deceivable feelings and flafhings of joy. Though thefe thy feelings,defires, and morions begood,and come not alwaiesfrorn sathanicall illu lion, but orherwhile from the fpiric of God, as the Scripture plainely teacheth, yet they are not fuffici- ent. It is well indeed that thou art come further Heb.6.4. K 3 than