Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

136 Pra1.09joe. lames j. The deceit finne[ of maw heart. f-ecially labour for, if wee would be fr ed from that deceit ofbeart , wherewith the Temporary is begul- led, wi' h who is the Devill playeth,as the Cat do-h wi. h the Moufe; He lets them in Tome fort r,oe out of his hands,in that he giveth them leave to doe ma- ny things, and doh not hinder them in their joy, and alacrity offpirit, or fervencie ofzeale, in which regard flee is laid to he call out in the Gofpel ; but yet as the Cat will have the Moufe frill within her reach, that if fhe offer to run away fhe may perfent- ly apprehend her; even fo doth the Devil here: he is Cure to have thee wíß hin the reach of his paw,as long as thy heart within is polluted with the love of any one finne : fee then ifthou canfr deceive this mating Lyon,thus fporting with thee (as fometirnes we fee the poore Mode doth with the Cat) wholly efcap- ing from him, by thrufling out that one finne, that (rill poff.ffeth and defileth thy heart, and in(lead thereof entertaining the word and spirit of God. Till thou dolt this, thou art but in a damnable cafe , whatfoever thy flattering heart tels thee: Thou muff with David refraine from every evil sway,before thou can be the true child of God, a true keeper of his word. I have refrained/71j feet (that is, my affellio2s ) from everyevill sway, that is, from the love and de- light thereof that 1 might keep thy word : And Imo tels thee, that only that one finne of an ungoverned tongue, is fufficient to dífcover the falfeneffe of chy religion, what ever be thy profeflîon. CHAP.