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The deceit fulneffe of mans heart. TaiallaMEMSNEWHISSEMEMEILERR CHAP. XIT. of the deceit of the hart, ira giving dire .fiions for oar A iofls. Aving thus fpoken of the firft part of the deceitfulnefle of mans heart in judging , namely, in judging of perf"oor ; now wee come to the feccnd in judging of Atliouls And this i9 two- fold;in före j:udging,in after jttelgi,lz . The judgement ofadvice, and direelion for the do- ing; and the judgement of cerfiire, and fometimes correelioAtafrer the doing of the a tion,. The deceits of the former kind are almoft infini:e. The book I ould Nell coo much , and I fhould bur weary my felfe and the Reaier,largely to profecutf them all : Only I will point at Come of the chiefe fi heads.Thefe deceits therefore,for dirsfiioaa, are ei- ther in regard of the rules for the government of our a55iions , or of the aíiiotes t hemCelves. For the rules , our deceitfull hearts prefcribe fpe- ciaily three deceitfull rules,.toCquare our aeciòns by. Firft , the light ofuatural trifdome , which being fo much degenerated from that ac the firft creel tion,and ofa cleere fhining lamp become a ftinking fnvfffe. who feeth not that this light is plain darknes it felfe? Thewifdeme ofthefllJhis enmitie to God. Secondly, the cur fiome of the times , and ex amples of the multi- tude : As though the way of manners were like the way to great Market- townes, to bee known by the multitude of foot -fteps, trampling and beating up cn 137 The f coni deceit, in judging of r1Pi,ns. t In d:reRìon. t For the rules. iLightof Na- ture. Rom.8.7 z Cußome.