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i'I THE CONTENTS of this Boor. I. He Preface,whereinthe 7ext,ler t7.isopene. pa g.1, T I I. D o ltrin e of the hearts deceit fa; lne f fe : where , Si The kinds of this deceitfalnef c. 2 Tnc 1líaiftratiens. The kinds are two, 1 .That whereby we deceive others orely.And it 2 . 1 To be done, of zn doing. p.12 I Of evil/. 2 From brim d%ne. p.17 1 Dimulation. 3 Already done. p.2o 2 Of good. p.25 2.Simulation, p.28 2. Selfc- deceït, s, I In the minds and Affe.Ilion. 2 ¡n the Ara-bons alone. The former is foure-fold. In jztdging o f otsr 3 I Perfons. 2 CARE ions. ()four Perfons. i. That rwe are note bad as wee are. P.38 e4ed that in regard of Prefcnt. P.39 Time Pafr. p,42. To come. P4 3 z That wehave that good and that happine ff ê which wee have not at a/1.Where fostre deceit:. tch Worldling. p.51 2 C vi/IIajrficiarte. p, 5 $ Loofe Libertines: p 5 a 4 Temporary Beleevers : Whofe Deceits are three. 1 Touching