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144' M atth. z, z9. z Sam 1.14. aExau(ing tam, by The deceitfulnefe of mans heart. many fumes goe currant with us,, without the leafs check, in regard of the generali Cway of the times. But this deceit is farre more grievous in tome, who being fomethiag like true Chrifii Ins, ( but indeed are not) are often fouly illuded by sathan.So that as once lofePph took the conception of the holy Ghoff,to be an adulterous feed; Co chele men,contrarily, take_ adulterous conclprions , that i =, Come thoughts and affedious which fpring from pride and vaine -glory to be fpiricualI conceptions of the holy Ghofi, and to come from zeal,and piety : and as once Eli and chore mockers, Aar 2. imputed the true work of the fpi- rit to drunk:m.8 ,) thee through the deceitfulnes of their hearts, lather upon the fpiric certain mo dons and actions, that are indeed the fruit of a cer- tain kinde of drunkenue and giddineffe ofintoxi- cared minds. The fecond thing wherein the judgement ofthe heart touching our finnes fhewes its deceitfulnefTe,is this; That if the action be fo groffe, as that it can- not be exceed in it felfe, yet to excufe it, as is was done by us. That though it cannot excufe it whol- ly, yet it will exceedingly extenuate it, making it to be in us, and as we did it,buc a veniall,a petty,and pardons )le finne. As the unjuft fteward in the Gof- pel for a hundred prounds fec down fifty, fo deale wee, nay farre worfe,with our debts to God, that is, our finnes: Talents are made farthings,and farthings meer nothings; Great fins are made little finnes, Ind little fins no finnes. And here efpecially cloth the cunning deceicfulnefí-e of the heart excell. It loth fo firaine and ftretch its wits, even ask were on tenter-