Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfùkef ofrt,ansheart. f àcriledge, becaufe of the good fucceffe that infued. [his was alto likely to be lerohoams deceit, that his 1 King13. Z3 Calves were not fo evill,when he Caw how thePro- :433. phet, which lo thunired againft them, was after- ward flaire of 'a Lyon. This allo was the deceit of 'chofe wives in reremy, that juftified their idolatrous incenfiog to the ,5914fenofhheaven , by the plenty and ierem. peace then enjoyed,, in regard of that fcarceneffe which followed the leaving of that idolatry. Like as many of the Ifraelite.,when they were brought in- to thedefarr,where was want of all chings,in regard of that which was is Egypt they preferred Egypc as now many.,blinded with the fame deceit,prefer, Pd- pery in the famerefpe &,before the Gofpel. But for the delivering of our (elves from-this deceit, wee mutt know, that we mutt judge of the goodnefTe of the f tcce.p, by the goodneffe of the at"tioa ;not con - trarily of the goodneffe of the aWíion, by the good- neffe of the fuccef , Neither is this deceit of judging our finfull ai- ons lawfull and good , proper onely to the blinde worldlings , but incident alto to thole that have Come knowledge and Cenfe of R.eligior,yea,often to the true godly themfelveF. Davidcryed out, Who Pla1.9?i. klosveth the errors of his aver' How many fecret hunts have the beff,.which they are fo farce from accounting fianes, that they beare themfelves out in them as juft and warrantable > Of this kinde was the Podygassiie of the Patriarchs , whole living and dying in that fin, without fpeciall repentance for it, is to be imputed t,o.this deceitful.neffe of heart wee now (peak of..,And fo no doubt is ffill wi h--us, that many 143